A lot of 7: official website staged Apple Apple iPhone 7

Since I had a credit card and Aunt Zhang, I have discovered that the two are combined without solution.

At 8 am Beijing time on September 8, 2016, the iPhone 7 was Apple's 10th generation mobile phone at the 2016 Apple Apple Fall Conference at the Bill Graham Municipal Hall in San Francisco, US.

Of course, I did not expect to wait, but also looked at the presentation the next morning. Overall, it was almost the same as the previous rumors. Except that there was no blue color, most of them were similar.

This time all of Apple 7's color schemes (the image of stole the girl's mother) were brighter and newer, but the wait and fingerprint collector stopped me.

Because he did not decide whether to change the phone at the beginning, he was still hesitating. He finally started off on September 17, and China Merchants Bank had 12 installments.

The picture can also be seen, on September 17th orders, 1-2 weeks when ordering delivery prompts, after the final submission of orders is displayed on October 1st to 15th delivery, at first I think it is still very long After all, the plus of the female ticket is placed earlier, and the order is shipped 2-3 weeks before the order is placed. After the order is submitted, it is served from October 16 to 22, basically a month's waiting, but I heard that the bright black I need to wait until November when I feel relieved.

On a sunny day, accurately speaking, on September 22, I received a message from the e-mail box. It reminded me of the change in my order and found out that Apple 7 was ready to ship, after a few days of travel. Finally, on the afternoon of September 25, I received the goods.

Suddenly found the postal can still be very fast.

First, disassemble

Upon reaching the end of my hand, I was completely dismissed and completely forgot to take a picture.

Let's take a look at shell shells. In fact, I think the shape of the back is not as good as the 6th generation. This leucorrhea looks good.


There is a sticker and a card reader.

Pig feet? At the back, everybody vomited the "disappearance" of the headset box. It was quite pitty, but when I took it down, a small partner said aside: Wow, Bluetooth headset!

"Bluetooth earphone"! The headset looks like the official website sells 228.

The back of the headset is the converter. As people with previous generations of headphones, this product should still be a bit useful.

Before the 6P purchase is local gold, has always set a protective shell of Tech21 Classic Shell, and later found that 200 + shell will still turn yellow, and now the color of the shell and local gold is almost the same, and see For a long time the gold actually feels not very good, still feels a little silvery.

Second, the machine appreciates

In fact, I actually prefer note7 in terms of appearance. Although it is also big, its explosion door and Android system let me stop (it is estimated that it will be jealous). In fact, what I really want in my heart is the external ios system of note7. .

On the back, the silver leucorrhea is less obvious.

The camera is 12 million pixels.

Front 7 megapixels, this time the handset also joined the speaker, but the measured sound is not very large

Removed the 3.5mm headphone jack and switched to Lightning's headphone jack. Since you've done this, why don't you have a standard Airpods?

The antenna is simply inconspicuous.

With fewer antennas, it feels a lot colder.

Third, contrast

1, appearance

Here I simply compare the appearance of 6s and 7 and the difference between photography and photography. Thanks to the 6s provided by the partner.

iPhone7 looks like a bald head.


Camera, aperture is bigger.

Headphone hole cancellation.

There is basically no difference in positive aspects.

The appearance of the contrast is these, indeed the upgrading of this generation, there is basically no major change in appearance.

2. Photography

In fact, it is not a professional comparison. Anyway, I was looking for the same background to take pictures with two mobile phones and compare the pictures.

It is still necessary to see comparisons in a wide range of color fields. I don't comment on it. You see it.

3, picture

Everyone has the same 1334750 pixel resolution, 1400:1 contrast ratio, the same panel type is IPS.

The main upgrade is the upgrade of brightness from the original 500 nits to 625 nits and color space from sRGB to P3.

The iPhone 7 is charged. Can you tell if there is a difference? It's estimated that my picture didn't find a good reason. I can't see it anyway.

Fourth, summary

The addition of Taptic Enginede is still very good, and it goes deep into every corner of the system under the ios10 system.

Gyro is easy to be triggered

In fact, there is no summary, that is OK, after all, just get started, some things are not very suitable, such as the home key, and then for example the lock screen sound, why so ugly! When I bought 6p, I thought that the phone was big. I could watch it and it was relatively cool. In fact, I didn't really use it for watching TV. Actually, I still think it's small, but I use it in everyday life. I think it's bigger. Something, since I bought 6p, I have more thoughts of buying a watch, because it's inconvenient to watch the time! So this decisive start 7, as 7p that is for the woman votes (she is still waiting, pray for National Day energy-saving delivery)

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