Mandatory standard for instrumentation

GB6738-86 Electrical measurement instructions and safety requirements for recording instruments and their accessories
GB7667-87 electron microscope X-ray leakage dose regulations
GB9316-88 Safety requirements for electronic flash devices for photography
GB10320-95 Electrical safety of laser equipment and facilities
GB11921-89 copying machine safety protection
GB12977-91 Balancing machine cover and other safety measures
JB5517-91 Basic safety requirements for electrical protection of optical instruments
JB5518-91 Industrial thermocouple and thermal resistance flameproof technical conditions
JB6257-92 near-electric alarm
JB6827-93 Laboratory centrifuge mechanical safety requirements
JB6852-93 Requirements for Mixed Gas Storage Containers for Calibration of Automotive Exhaust Analyzers
JB6853-93 Calibration gas cylinder color code
JB7496-94 Safety specification for gas cylinder pressure reducers for welding, cutting and similar processes
JB7788-95 500KV industrial X-ray flaw detector protection rules The authenticity of this information has not been confirmed by the international electrical network, for your reference only.

Basic Information
1) Standard
Complies with ANSI/EIA RS-31O-D, IEC297-2, DIN41491: PART1, DIN41494: PART7,GB/T3047.2-92, ETSI Standard
2) Material:SPCC high-quality cold rolled steel
3) Thickness:Mounting profile 2.0mm  Others 1.2mm
4) Surface Finish:Degreasing, Pickling, Phosphating, Powder coating
5) Protection Degree:IP20
6) Loading Capacity:1000kgs
7) Color
Optional:  Black(RAL9004)  White(RAL7035)  Grey(RAL7032)
1) Zinc Plated mounting profile
2) Secure,firm and reliable
3) Easy to maintain equipment
4) Two Packing Ways:
   Assembly packing to save labour cost, ready to resell or use
   Disassembly packing to save space and transport cost, easy to assemble
5) Various optional accessories: PDU, fan, shelf, bracket, cable tray, etc..
6) Certification: ISO 9001:2000
7) OEM/ODM service available
Floor standing cabinet Package Contents

1) 2 x Cabinet frames
2) 2 x Side Panels
3) 1 x Rear Door (Mesh Door)
4) 1 x Front Door - Toughened Glass
5) 2-3 x Adjustable shelves
6) 1 x Power Distribution Unit (6-8 Outlets)(Optional)
7) 1 x Bag of Nuts and Bolts
8) 1 x Fan Tray with 2-4 fans
9) 1 x Set of Castors
10) 1 x Set of Levelling Feet
11) 1 x Set of Keys for all doors

Glass Door

Glass Door,Laminated Glass Door,Double Glass Door,Customized Glass Door

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