4K big screen new choice PPTV-49P2 smart TV evaluation

PPTV Juli released 55-inch and 43-inch products last year, of which the 55T as a flagship brought the same level of audio configuration without enemies. After half a year's silence and deep plowing of the products, PPTV grandly released the new PPTV-49P2 TV at the Shanghai CES ASIA in May.

According to an authoritative survey, the 50-inch or so type of television is the most popular size for most families, and the PPTV-49P2 can be said to be a new weapon created for this market. It uses LG's original 4-color 4K IPS hard-screen panel. 64-bit 4-core processor A53, 8GB eMMC5.0 flash memory and 2GB DDR3 memory, support H.265 hard solution, the overall configuration in the 3,000 yuan price TV is a higher level, a few days ago this new price of 3199 yuan has arrived evaluation room.

PPTV-49P2 uses a classic gray and black color, metal edge design, constitute a minimalist ultra-narrow frame and the proportion of large screen. This machine uses LG original 4 color 4K IPS panel, with 178 wide-angle display capability. In the backlight technology, the mainstream mainstream side-lit backlight with high-quality light guide plates can be used to further reduce the thickness.

PPTV-49P2 TV uses the now popular ultra-thin body design, with seamless bending process and aviation aluminum-magnesium alloy one-piece frame, exquisite design and effectively strengthen the screen's fixation and protection.

The base of PPTV-49P2 is made of metal material, and the texture of the surface after the polishing process is very good. It is worth mentioning that the base of the PPTV-49P2 can be placed at the heart of the heart, and it does not insist on facing outward or toward the inside. The design is very innovative.

The TV interface is on the side and underneath, like most products of the same type. The AV, network cable, and HDMI ports that are basically fixedly used face down, and the third HDMI, SD card slot, and USB that are frequently plugged in and placed are on the side. However, the only drawback is that there is only one USB interface.

The machine's remote control and 2015's products have made many improvements, with a longer and sleeker appearance. The key layout is closer to the mainstream Internet TV, and the keys feel better.

PPTV-49P2 adopts PPOS system based on Android 5.0 depth customization, the system interface is very intuitive, the main interface content includes video resources, settings, applications.

Several major channels are equipped with sub-channel functions. Place the cursor to pop up the corresponding sub-contents. At the same time, through sub-channels, you can see that the content and coverage are very rich.

The setting options are not very rich, but they are basically the same as the mainstream Internet TV brands, which are roughly network, Bluetooth, picture, audio, and general settings.

Screen adjustable parameters and details are basically enough.

Audio supports EQ adjustment.

Video resources have always been the strength of PPTV, and this is also true of this new television (parametric picture article). For the America's Cup, which is currently in full swing, the PPTV-49P2 has live streaming and viewing functions, as well as various viewing methods such as highlights.

A hundred-year weekly cup, Argentina vs Chile.

TV shows, the clarity is also good, but also support the change of ultra-clear, high-definition and other resolutions to meet the bandwidth needs.

In addition to sports and TV dramas, there are also rich animation contents, and even the latest MACROSS DELTA.

Let's take a look at the picture. This is not the battle bag of the first generation.

Radar VF, is it RVF31?

In addition to ordinary film and television resources, by accessing PPTV account can enjoy VIP exclusive service, see a lot of popular super-clear movie.

In terms of application, PPTV-49P2 TV does not support installation of third-party devices, and can only download APP programs from its own application store. However, the Internet has cracking methods and is easy to use.

The App Store has a total of 6 interfaces, including Hyun, AV, games, software, and management. It supports online search functions and is very convenient for download and installation. If the third-party device installation can be searched online, the method is simple.

This machine also comes with online shopping features, some of which are connected to the Suning e-commerce platform, and its product categories are clearly selected.

Simply picking a product can even be used to place a TV order or make a phone order, which is more affordable than watching a cable TV shopping ad.

This machine uses MSTAR 6A828 processor, with 2GB DDR3 physical memory and 8GB EMMC5.0 flash memory particles, enough to meet daily needs, in addition the machine can also expand the capacity by inserting the SD card. In terms of performance, the security rabbit tune up to 31319 points, the strength is quite strong!

In terms of video decoding, thanks to the powerful performance of the new generation of processors, the native playback level of the PPTV-49P2 TV is quite outstanding.

Sichuan cuisine 4K resolution H.265 encoding, playing smoothly.

China Geography 4K resolution, H.264 encoding, playing normally.

Dubai night scene, 4K resolution H.265 encoding, playing normally

4K Demonstration Film, perfect for H2.65 encoding playback.

The Black Hawk fell 1080p, and the H.264 encoding played normally, and subtitles, audio tracks, and other information can be selected.

Pacific Rim 1080P, H.264 encoding, full-screen playback is very good.

The Battlefield 4 multi-person notice, 1080P resolution H.264 encoding 60FPS, playback is very smooth, there is no fast-forward problem.

Through instrument testing, it was found that the color gamut coverage of this PPTV-49P2 TV is relatively common, red is full, green is slightly insufficient, and blue is excessively deep. The maximum brightness of 270 nits was measured in terms of brightness, and the highest practical contrast ratio was 50% at 640, which is in line with mainstream Internet TV standards.

In terms of color accuracy, the 24-color test is used. From the results, there are some color aberrations in the PPTV-49P2 TV panel. The blue and khaki colors are the most obvious. The maximum deviation is 20.89 and the minimum is 1.35. The average value is only 5.93.

The London Eye has a good color and the lake is over-natural in color.

The picture is clear and detailed, and the trestle has excellent wooden texture.

The picture contrast is good and the black part shows the full black effect.

The color of the picture is good, the output of the display under complex colors is not oversaturated, and it is sufficient to meet the daily needs in terms of picture quality.

Color space distribution performance is acceptable, blue output is slightly mixed, and the color transition is good.

The dark and light levels are outstanding, and black and white are overly good.

The PPTV-49P2 is based on a 4-color 4K panel. Through this diagram, you can see how fine the granularity is.

The actual measured lines can be up to 25 lines respectively, indicating that the panel precision reaches 4K level.

The same word recognition can also reach the minimum line of words, 4 color 4K fineness is quite good.

PPTV-49P2 TV support mobile phone control, as long as the mobile phone and TV can operate under the same WIFI, through the APP program can easily control the basic operation of the TV and online content push, very easy to use!

As a new product of PPTV this year, the promotion of this PPTV-49P2 TV is quite remarkable. The system operation experience has been greatly improved compared to the previous products. The new generation of PPOS system is more smooth and powerful. With the upgraded hardware, it shows a good level of scalability and performance.

The PPTV-49P2 continues its conventional 4 color 4K panel, and the measured accuracy reaches a true 4K level. It also has excellent performance in decoding. PPTV has always been one of the industry leaders in online video. PPTV-49P2 also inherits this feature. Rich HD video is sufficient to meet the needs of various users.

Especially in the 2016 sports year, the America's Cup and the European Cup have been in full swing, and the Olympic Games is about to kick off. The PPTV-49P2 can be said to be a smart TV that sports fans should not miss.

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