Billion light LED lighting in July, Taiwan started selling Q3 to start the European and American markets

[High-tech LED News] LED packaging Taiwan factory recently said that its own brand LED lighting products have been fully integrated into the lighting channels of Taiwan chain stores since July, including Tellus House, Life Workshop, Shangxin Lianqing 3C Appliances, HOMEBOX Bo home and exhibition lighting.

Its products include LED desk lamps, 6W and 8W LED energy-saving bulbs, and MR-16 projection bulbs, PAR30 projection bulbs and PAR38 projection bulbs that can replace halogen sources.

Yiguang pointed out that the newly launched 6W and 8W LED energy-saving bulbs can replace 40W and 60W traditional incandescent bulbs respectively. The brightness can exceed the traditional incandescent light source, energy saving can reach more than 80%, and the service life can reach 40,000 hours. As for the projection bulb The energy efficiency can be as high as 90% or more, while the 6W and 8W LED bulbs are expected to sell for NT$399 and 499, respectively.

In addition, Yiguang and Orange Fruit are designed to cooperate with LED desk lamps, with functions such as reading, ambient lighting, night light and decoration. Yiguang pointed out that all LED product processes are fully introduced into the strict specifications of lead-free, and the products can be recycled after use, which will not cause environmental pollution and meet the corporate goals of energy conservation and environmental protection.

In this year, Everlight has aggressively attacked lighting business opportunities and adopted the strategy of developing LED dual-brands. It launched EVERLIGHT in Greater China and developed the Zenaro brand in Europe and America. Yiguang also said that the mainland has considered the initial market acceptance is not high, and has not yet planned to sell in the terminal, but the European and American markets are actively launching the channel layout, and it is expected that Q3 will start to distribute goods.

Ye Weifu, the chairman of Everlight, has previously stated that he will fully sprint the channel market, expand brand marketing, and make EVERLIGHT a world-renowned LED lighting brand factory. It is estimated that the LED lighting industry will reach profit and loss within two years.

Everlight originally estimated that LED lighting revenue is about 10%. However, LED backlight demand is not as expected, and the sales of its own brand of lighting products are expected to further drive the growth of lighting revenue.

Although the products sold by Everlight are cheaper than the international brands, the price competition of LED bulbs has recently become hot. The market believes that although the lighting is still a high-margin product in the LED industry, the pressure of ASP price reduction will be expanded to LED lighting in the second half of the year. It is estimated that ASP will decline by more than 30% every year.

At present, the price of LED bulbs in B&Q in the new century is about 3 NT$999. It is expected that in the second half of the year, the cost and efficiency will be improved. The terminal price in 2012 will be expected to drop to 150~200 yuan. The road sales channel launched an ultra-low sales price of 199 yuan for 7W LED bulbs.

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