Yi Te Technology will be officially launched LED LM-80 verification service after being approved by TAF

[High-tech LED News] Yi Te Technology (IST) has announced that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) authorized agency - TAF (National Certification Foundation) has passed the LED LM-80 (Luminous Maintenance Rate) Recognized, the company will officially launch the LED LM-80 verification service.

Yite's LM-80 experimental service is authorized by the EPA, which means that the LM-80 test report executed by the LED manufacturer to the company can be an official document for the EPA to apply for the "Energy Star" certification, for the purpose of entering the US LED market. For enterprises, it is indispensable to get the “Energy Star” certification.

It is understood that the 2008 North American Lighting Engineering Association (IESNA) proposed the LM-80 lumen maintenance test method to provide a corresponding experimental plan for the life of LED products, and the EPA issued the "Energy Star" certification, also with LM-80 The experimental results serve as the standard for solid-state lighting of indoor/outdoor lighting.

Since Taiwan has not yet established an international LED verification test standard, the current international LED manufacturers rely on LM-80 to indicate and explain the LED performance and average life. When the life standard has been standardized, it is expected to accelerate LED lighting. Market growth.

Yite Technology said that the implementation of the LM-80 test program is not to buy an LM-80 machine to test. Since each LED component design type and power consumption are different, before performing LM-80 verification, the test board circuit design must be performed for different types of LED components, and the SMT assembly quality is also related to the heat dissipation efficiency during verification, so the test The circuit design of the board and the excellent quality of the SMT assembly will affect the test results.

According to Yi Te, before the approval, the relevant LED manufacturers have actively sought verification services from Yite, and it is expected that the LM-80 test will be carried out immediately after the formal approval.

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