Fuji introduces two digital photo frames with LED LCD screens

Japanese manufacturer Fuji Corporation has released two new digital photo frames DP-1020SH and DP-850SH with LED-backlit LCD screens, which will be launched on March 13, 2010.

The new DP-1020SH adopts a 10.2-inch LED-backlit LCD panel with a resolution of up to 1024×600 and a screen brightness of 350 cd/m2. The viewing angles of the upper and lower sides are 176 degrees, and the contrast ratio is 2000:1. The product has built-in 2GB memory and can support SD/SDHC, MS, MMC, CF, xD and other storage media expansion, and can also play Motion JPEG (AVI), MPEG-4 SP, WAV in addition to basic JPEG photo display. And audio and video files such as MP3.

The DP-850SH features an 8.5-inch LED-backlit LCD panel. In addition to the smaller panel (resolution 800 × 480, contrast 1000:1), the product is not much different from the DP-1020SH.

In terms of selling price, the DP-1020SH is priced at 40,000 yen, while the DP-850SH is priced at 28,000 yen.

Ultra HD fine pixel pitch brings video content to life.

Flicker free broadcast with exact full HD and 4K picture.

Sharp color & brightness uniformity.

Ultra-high dynamic contrast and high-quality display, ultra-high-definition perfect picture quality, bring you unprecedented visual enjoyment.

Easily attract attention, greatly enhance the value of advertising.

HD LED Screen with the high-precision cast aluminum material, perfect splicing without gaps. Fast locking makes installation and removal extremely easy.

High-quality aviation plugs ensure reliability.

Seamless splicing and installation type to assemble screen freely.

Patented connecting piece, and hang pin rotating at 120 degree to lock the case, and gap adjustable to ensure the seamless screen, and rapid installation and removal supported. Only 1/4 of installation time compares with traditional structure.

HD LED Screen with both vertical and horizontal large viewing angle are 140, broadcast-level color gamut, CT and brightness adjustable, more appropiate for long-time watching.

Support front service, modules can be taken out without opening the back door,power suppliers are fixed without screws.

Smooth display image is realized shooting with 3840HZ refresh rate, even under 1/2000 shutter professional camera shooting, fully meeting the demand of live feed switching.

It can be installed without taking the space for maintenance channel into consideration, thus improving your work efficiency.

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