Talking traffic lights on the streets of Wuhan (Photos)

The last time I went to work in Wuhan, I found a new intelligent traffic light erected in Wuhan Street. This traffic light is different from the traditional traffic lights, it is equipped with a huge LED display. And the screen is also constantly rolling out a variety of information, very convenient. I searched the Internet for the next information and found that the traffic light used wireless fax to instantly transmit public welfare information, public information, directions and other information for the convenience of the people. It is understood that this kind of indicator light is called JCH new traffic light, which is a new generation of informationized pedestrian signal light.

The red light stops, the green light line, the traditional traffic lights seem to play this simple command. Saying goodbye to the monotonous red, green and yellow, this new type of talking traffic light can not help but feel very warm, the road information on the LED display allows pedestrians to quickly understand the surrounding road conditions while waiting for the green light, and easily find the destination location. There are countdown reminders to cross the street, and subtitles to remind everyone not to cross the road. The traffic police department can also carry out traffic safety publicity through rolling subtitles, and release traffic management and municipal information.

Talking traffic light

The transportation of big cities has always been the top priority of urban development. I think that humanized transportation facilities are also a very important factor. The new traffic indicator screen set up on the streets of Wuhan, the traffic lights set the countdown countdown display, waiting time is clear at a glance, the LCD screen below constantly scrolls to show "civilized city, you and me build together" "create a national civilized city, I know, I participate , I offer" and other promotional slogans. Imagine seeing such a warm words when crossing the road. Those red lights and the way to cross the road will be curbed. It is worth mentioning that the JCH new traffic lights can also know the city's road conditions. In fact, such humanized transportation facilities have become more common in foreign countries. This time, the streets of Wuhan are also pleasantly surprised to find that this talking traffic light is believed to bring certain effects to the development of urban transportation.

Nowadays, it is a high-tech information society. This JCH new traffic light has beautiful appearance and rich functions. It is undoubtedly the gospel brought by high technology. Personally believe that technology must be people-oriented, based on human needs. "No red light, safe life", "small hand and big hand, walk along the road of civilization", in the trivial time of waiting for the red light, the LED display shows the guidance, care, and embarrassment, all create a kind of human care atmosphere of. Nowadays, the social rhythm is extremely fast. People also need to see those humanistic words, but they are resentful of the slogans of rigid content. And often traffic safety propaganda is a dogmatic approach that makes people feel uninterested. There seems to be some improvement in the near future, and the transportation sector has also begun to try to use some more humane words to carry out traffic safety publicity. However, due to the limitations of objective factors, these words are often not updated, and often the roadside slogans have not changed for a long time. However, JCH's new traffic lights can be tried as a new carrier. The traffic police department can update the information through the platform in real time, in addition to the public welfare information can provide some life dynamics, so that the people have a new pleasure in waiting for the traffic lights.

At present, JCH's new traffic lights are still being piloted in some cities. I believe that this kind of technology that is convenient for the people will have great prospects, and it should also be taken seriously and vigorously developed. Let traffic law enforcement also bring a touch of warmth, why not?

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