What kind of experience is wearing a VR head video game?

In the twinkling of an eye, there is also the actuality of the last week. The Spring Festival Golden Holiday is coming. Are you still unable to hold back the excitement like Xiaobian? The heart has already been flying back to the hometown outside Wanshui Qianshan! Today is just a good year. In traditional Chinese festivals, there is a tradition of "official three people, four ships and five". It means that the official family is twenty-three in the twelfth lunar month, the family is in the twenty-fourth year, and the ship is in the second. Fifteen, the localities are not the same because of customs. This traditional festival, the common thing that every family does is to worship the King of the Kitchen. Every year, every family will worship the Kitchen God, in order to seek evil and disaster relief, and welcome Nafu to welcome the new year.

So today's topic is also relatively easy, let's talk about some of the more popular VR devices on the market.

Speaking of VR, it must mean that the VR head is displayed! After all, VR is so hot, the most popular VR devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony's PlayStaTIon VR, and Samsung's Gear VR for low-threshold consumers. Compared with some immature VR all-in-ones, although the degree of freedom of the connection cable of the device is removed, the degree of freedom is higher, but the actual use of the VR head is not as strong. In terms of VR games, recent online news claims that the game "Resident Evil 7" will also be officially launched on the PS4 platform on the 24th, supporting the VR perspective, as well as "VR Girlfriend", "Radiation 4", "Emperor", etc. Popular VR games will also be launched on the Oculus Rift and Vive platforms.

The following small series to sort out the mainstream VR headset display (including all-in-one) on the market today?

Oculus Rift

What is the experience of wearing a VR head video game?

Oculus Rift is a consumer-oriented version of the virtual reality helmet that was launched in the VR market two years after Facebook acquired the virtual reality technology company Oculus VR in early 2014. It was officially released in the first quarter of 2016.

Compared to the prototype that was just released, the Oculus Rift official version has a great improvement in appearance. The Oculus Rift has a fabric cover on the head. The rubber head can make you feel the best in wearing comfort and the weight is light. After wearing it, it seems that there is no VR head. The space between the eyes and the lens is also sufficient to accommodate the glasses that are worn, regardless of whether or not your nearsightedness affects the VR experience.

The Oculus Rift standard set comes with the Xbox One handle, and the Oculus Touch handle, which was introduced shortly after the Oculus Rift was released last year, is said to be the best handle for the Oculus Rift.

The Oculus Rift features two OLED screens, each with a resolution of 1080 & TImes; 1200 and a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz. At the same time, the Oculus Rift comes with a pair of headphones connected to the headband, you can adjust it very freely to ensure the most comfortable wearing.

In order to allow non-players to experience VR games, the Oculus Rift Suite is specially equipped with a minimalist remote control. The remote has a built-in battery and can be wirelessly connected to the Oculus Rift without taking up an extra USB interface.

It is said that Oculus Rift is now almost the best in the industry. Since the product launch into the consumer market, the praise has been continuous, and there are some problems in the feedback, such as obvious pixel points, low resolution, and imperfect motion tracking. But with Facebook's investment in virtual reality, I believe the Oculus Rift will get better and better.

The Oculus Rift cable is three meters long enough to handle most general motion and long-distance operations, but if it's too long, Xiaobian can't help you, call Oculus vendors!

HTC Vive

What is the experience of wearing a VR head video game?

As the best-performing head of the VR industry, in addition to the Oculus Rift, there are non-HTC Vives.

It is reported that HTC Vive is a VR head-mounted display jointly launched by HTC and VALUE at the 2015 World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. This head display is equipped with two wireless controllers and has gesture tracking function.

HTC Vive has three main parts that provide consumers with a VR immersive experience: first, a head-mounted display, followed by two handheld controllers, and a positioning system that simultaneously tracks the display and controller in space.

The HTC Vive features an OLED screen with an effective resolution of 1200 x 1080 and a combined resolution of 2160 x 1200 for both eyes. The screen refresh rate is 90 Hz, so that the user can hardly feel the motion delay. HTC Vive's positioning system, Lighthouse, is said to use lasers and light sensors to locate moving objects without the need for camera positioning, which is the biggest difference from other VR head-mounted devices.

HTC Vive's current limitation is that there are more cables and less weight, but fortunately, the consumer version that was introduced later is better than the developer version. The adjustment of the hooks on both sides of the device can also maintain a good balance.

The HTC Vive has two adjustment buttons on either side of the helmet. One is used to adjust the focal length. It is very good for families with myopia and multi-person use. The other is to adjust the interpupillary distance. The adjusted hand helmet will display the distance digits in real time. It is best to take off the HTC Vive and then adjust it to avoid dizziness.

HTC Vive is designed to better fit the sponge pad of different thicknesses, and two recesses are also designed on the side of the mat to facilitate the use of glasses for users with large differences in vision between the two eyes. The nose stick can also be replaced. At the same time, HTC Vive is also equipped with a camera in the middle, so that even if you wear HTC Vive, you can see the outside environment, which can prevent users from accidentally bumping into other things during operation.

Sony PlayStaTIon VR

What is the experience of wearing a VR head video game?

Compared to the previous two very good VR heads, Sony PlayStaTIon VR (hereinafter referred to as PS VR) is a bit shorter in terms of parameters. It is said that PS VR adopts 1920×1080 (one-eye resolution 960×1080) resolution OLED screen with an angle of view of about 100 degrees and a refresh rate of 120Hz/90Hz.

The so-called "a penny and a share" is the sauce purple, of course, Sony is quite self-aware in this regard, the price is relatively affordable compared to the first two, only 2999 yuan (the home appliance platform, manufacturers offer, store price Slightly floating changes).

The PS VR feels like wearing a heavy hat, but its main weight is in the headband, and the weight on the face is still acceptable. PS VR facial fit is not very good, there will be some bottom leakage, which will affect the immersion. Compared to Vive, the weight of the PS VR is slightly lighter, and the weight of the Vive is more obvious, but the PS VR is relatively slightly better.

PS VR offers two handheld controllers, the PS Move and Dual Shock controllers. PS VR games use the PS Move controller most of the time. It is positioned by the PS Eye camera on the front. At the same time, the light bulb on the handheld controller and the light on the helmet are also used for position control.

PS VR has problems when playing first-person perspective games. For example, when you are sitting and playing, the PS VR experience is basically the same as the Vive controller, but once you get up, it is easy to go beyond the tracking range, resulting in the handle movement not recognized. Not to mention moving around.

Fortunately, PS VR is in most VR games, regardless of resolution or picture resolution, time delay, PS VR can be well controlled, there is no obvious feeling of frame skipping problems.

Its ugly Google DayDream (daydream)

What is the experience of wearing a VR head video game?

There is no way, Google's DayDream is really too long, and Xiaobian feels it is necessary to move it up and say it. As for the price, it is quite attractive. It is said that it only sells for RMB 525. (Buy a pair of winter boots, you don't want to save it!) This VR head is slightly different from the previous ones. DayDrema View must be used with the phone for VR experience, while the former is used on the PC. VR device.

Although the sales of this Daydream seem to be not very good, but Google has made a lot of effort in this regard, it is really a penny used in the best one. It is said that DayDream is cheap because of the fact that Google simply uses fabric material on it. This kind of heat-bonded fabric not only fits perfectly with plastic, but also solves the problem of shading of the helmet well, ensuring wearing comfort and perfection. Breathability and weight are 30% lighter than ordinary materials.

In addition to filling the gap in most VR headlights on the market, DayDream View also uses Velcro, which allows users to easily clean it up on a daily basis.

As a VR device based on Google's "universal" type, Daydream View must have strong mobile phone compatibility to take care of all Android phones. Google has launched the Daydream automatic image calibration system to make all mobile phones as traditional designs. Tight fit, and this calibration can be done automatically and does not require manual operation.

In order to fully consider the use of the mobile phone case, Google installed a hinge mechanism for Daydream View, so Daydream View's mobile phone holder can be expanded to a certain extent, and the thickness of the installed mobile phone can reach a maximum thickness of 11.5 mm, so even if the mobile phone does not disassemble the mobile phone case In case of, it can also be used normally.

Daydream View's tracking performance is also good, the response is very fast, but similar to Gear VR and other headlines, Daydream View does not have position tracking, so you must sit in a chair when you play VR game experience.

In addition, the Daydream device requires a standard handle that will fit along with a circular touchpad for controlling volume and operation. The Home button and the action button on the handle are all round, which is deeper than the depression of the Home button, and can be easily recognized by the user blindly pressing. In addition, the handle has a built-in 220 mAh battery that can be charged via an external USB-C interface.

Samsung Gear VR

What is the experience of wearing a VR head video game?

Finally, Samsung Gear VR, when it comes to this VR, it is similar to DayDream View, and it is similar to the VR tray we usually have. The principle of Gear VR is to rely on the lens to magnify the image on the screen of the phone and finally display the content through the screen of the phone. But a little different, Gear VR adds a touchpad back button, which is more professional.

Such a VR helmet is generally good or bad, mainly by looking at the radius of the lens. The larger the radius, the better the theoretical visual effect.

Gear VR is connected to the mobile phone through the buckle. The mobile phone is connected to the Gear VR through the charging port. The buckle is removable and replaceable. It can support the Samsung S7 edge of the traditional microUSB port and the Samsung Note7 of the USB Type C port.

Gear VR supports touch operation, and has a groove (touch area) on the right side of the body. The picture can be controlled by sliding in the touch area. In addition, Gear VR has a Home button, a back button and a volume adjustment button. It can be seen that Gear VR is a simple combination of perspective lens + plastic, used to play simple VR games, experience VR small video is also possible.

The price is also very low. It is reported that when the Samsung Gear VR was just launched, the official price is about 600+, which is said to have dropped to around 200+, and the price on a certain treasure is as low as 100+. Do you believe me or not? Xiaobian only said that the message is indeed believable!

The above is probably the more popular VR head-mounted device. Of course, there are still many VR heads that have not been said. For example, Lenovo’s first lightweight and convenient VR prototype launched at this year’s CES show, Microsoft will also launch a VR helmet with win10 system. Two VR products for developers and consumers will be launched.

Finally, Xiaobian is here to wish everyone a happy new year and good luck in the new year! In the coming year, earning money and earning a lot of money, the most important thing is to have fun together and be healthy!

Have spare time, buy a VR head to match your professional game PC and have fun!


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