Comparison of LED fluorescent lamps and three primary fluorescent lamps

The replacement T8 to T5 tri-color energy-saving fluorescent lamp specially designed for enterprise energy-saving lighting can save 45% more money than ordinary T8 fluorescent lamp, save more than 15% more than LED fluorescent lamp, and increase the brightness by 30% in reflective mode. No worries, easy to save money. Originally, it required an electricity fee of 100,000 yuan a year. After the renovation, it only needs to pay 60,000 yuan. Saving electricity bills means increasing profits, quality assurance, and simple installation.

Let's compare the LED fluorescent lamp with the same brightness and the T5 energy-saving fluorescent lamp (for reference only)

1, the price cost: LED fluorescent lamp 260.00 T5 energy-saving fluorescent lamp 38.00

2, power consumption: LED fluorescent lamp 18W T5 energy-saving fluorescent lamp 23W

3, warranty time: LED fluorescent lamp 4 years T5 energy-saving fluorescent lamp 2 years

4. Calculate by turning on the lights for 12 hours and 30 days per day:

One year of electricity: LED fluorescent lamp 77.76 degrees T5 energy-saving fluorescent lamp 99.36 degrees

5, calculated according to 1.00 yuan / degree:

One year electricity fee: LED fluorescent lamp 77.76 yuan T5 energy-saving fluorescent lamp 99.36 yuan

6. Average annual cost:

LED fluorescent lamp 260÷4+77.76=142.00 yuan T5 energy-saving fluorescent lamp 38÷2+99.36=118.36 yuan

7, five-year cost comparison:

LED fluorescent lamp 142.00X5=710 yuan T5 energy-saving fluorescent lamp 118.36X5=591.80 yuan

8, lighting effects: LED fluorescent lamp - light weakness, poor light perception

T5 energy-saving fluorescent lamp---naturally bright, strong light

If the LED fluorescent lamp is to have the same brightness as the three primary fluorescent lamps, it is necessary to increase the number of LEDs and increase the power of the lamps, which also increases the cost of the products. Since the quality of LEDs is uneven, the cost price is different.

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