Jingdian's consolidated revenue in June 2010 exceeded NT$1.8 billion, and order visibility saw the end of the year.

LED epitaxial faucet factory Jingdian (2448) In June 2010, the revenue exceeded 1.8 billion, reaching NT$1,851 million, a record high in a single month, up 61.34%; Q2 revenue in 2010 reached 5.244 billion yuan, quarterly Increased by 30%, the accumulated revenue for the first half of the year was 9.274 billion yuan, an annual increase of 80%. In 2010, the monthly gross profit margin of Q2 was closer to 40%.

Zhang Shixian, deputy general manager and spokesperson of Jingdian, pointed out that since Q2 2010, Jingdian has been exceeding the production capacity. The visibility of orders is also at the end of the second half of the year. As long as the production capacity can be smoothly opened, the operation will continue to rise.

Related stock price 2010/07/07 - 15:50 Jingdian TWD 87.00 (-1.14%)

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