Dongwei Semiconductor charging pile chip successfully mass production, breaking the monopoly pattern

A SIM card-sized chip can carry more than 700 volts, and the on-resistance is only 30 ohms, enabling efficient and low-power conversion. This is the "heart" MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) for new energy vehicle charging stations. Recently, the reporter learned from Suzhou Dongwei Semiconductor Co., Ltd. that the core chip for DC high-power charging piles of new energy vehicles has been successfully mass-produced, breaking the monopoly of foreign manufacturers.

The DC charging pile is generally composed of a communication module, a switching power supply module, and a control module. Among them, MOSFET is the most core part of the switching power supply module, which is the key device to realize high-efficiency conversion of electric energy and ensure the charging pile is stable and not hot. The cost of MOSFETs accounts for about 20% of the cost of the entire switching power supply module. In a switching power supply module, several or even hundreds of MOSFETs are required. In the past, this field was monopolized by foreign manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers purchased a large number of imported brand MOSFETs, which were not only expensive but also often out of stock.

After two years of research and development, Dongwei Semiconductor has created a complete set of patented technologies. At present, it has realized the mass production of high-voltage high-speed MOSFET series for charging piles, and it is applied in batches in domestic charging pile enterprises. At the same time, the product is also exported to South Korea, Japan and Germany. At the same time, it is also widely used in the field of power conversion of mobile phone chargers, LED lighting, displays, industrial lighting.

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