"Prince Edward" is getting harder and harder for IP network drama follow-up

When the Internet runs through the entire human life, various kinds of dramas are taken out. In the Internet era, the value of IP was amplified wirelessly. With the continuous development of dramas such as “Prince”, the drama has become a major platform for TV competitions. The chase for the fragrance, but with the pursuit of policy, the development of the network drama is also difficult, the future of the P network drama follow-up where to go.

In today's Internet explosion, the changes brought about by it are increasingly involved in everyone’s life. However, the problems with the content of net students, the uneven level of online drama production, and the “larger scale” are not conducive to the healthy development of the Internet environment.

In this regard, the regulator made a series of stipulations on the censorship of online dramas and began to strengthen the supervision of internet dramas. “If television can't broadcast, the Internet can't broadcast.” This is a network drama that is good at wiping the ball and flooding the “hormonal” economy. This is undoubtedly a major change.

As a result, the online content manufacturers are faced with the transition they have to make. What is the mainstream view of the industry? During the 6th Beijing International Film Festival, Yang Xiao, the founder of Le DO, mentioned that “under the supervision of the New Deal, we actually There is still a lot of room for creation.” Xin Xingchang, the CEO of the new studio, also stated that regulation is a good thing, which is conducive to the gradual growth of those who really focus on doing a good job of content.

The New Deal needs more attention to content

In 2015, domestic online dramas showed an explosive growth. There were 355 online dramas on the line. Among them, 9 hits exceeded 1 billion hits. However, net content has also encountered unprecedented challenges while it has experienced a full-scale outbreak. In January of this year, the phenomenon-level drama "Prince of the Prince" was asked to go offline due to "invincibility." Net dramas such as "Psychocrime" and "Dark Man" were also removed from the major platforms.

At the end of February 2016, the National TV Play Industry Annual Meeting, the relevant leaders of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television said that with the rapid development of the Internet, the General Administration of Administration will strengthen the management of network drama and network self-produced programs. Li Jingsheng, director of the Department of Television Play of the State Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau, once again reiterated that it is necessary to strengthen the proposition of online drama supervision, and proposed that “in the whole process of network drama management, online and offline audit criteria must be unified”.

Recently, the network red Papi sauce video was ordered to be rectified, betta and other web broadcast platforms were investigated by the Ministry of Culture, the regulatory authorities to give birth to the contents of the treatment of net heavy fist.

How is the web content industry in the air facing tightening policies?

Although any individual's creation hopes that the creation is an individual's own behavior and can reflect the individual's intention, Yang Xiao, the founder of Le DO, said that in fact, when conducting commercial creation, it is bound to be subject to various regulatory restrictions. Some people have different opinions on the new rules and think that this can't be done either or not. However, in fact, the regulators hope to solve the yellow gambling problem and purify the network environment.

Wanhe Tianyi CFO Chen Weiyi also mentioned that good products need patience to be polished. For example, “Crazy Animal City”, which has achieved great success this year, has a big gap with the original design, and even it is completely overturned. It needs to be enough. Patience and perseverance.

Good IP should be suitable for subsequent realization

On the other hand, all parties in the network ecology have spared no effort to snatch quality IP. However, with the super IP being fired up to sky-high prices, how IP can be realized makes more and more people confused, and IP has become a common experience for everyone.

IP involves a wide range of content, including the market's grasp, channel selection, audience analysis and product production, which is a series of cumbersome projects. And, what kind of IP is a good IP that is really suitable for liquidation? Isn't every so-called super IP capable of realizing huge value? How does the IP of individual networks such as “net red” appear now? The problem.

Li Yang, president of Leo-Euro Films, said that assessing whether IP is a good standard is based on its ability to realize. For example, the science fiction "Three-Body" is very good. Now it is playing games and making movies. However, it is very difficult for the "Three-Body" to do subsequent derivative development because the thinking of "Three-Body" for everyone is completely fixed. "Not particularly good and popular novels, but it is easier to do IP development."

Big white is a very good example of IP development. Yang Lan, for example, said that because its color and design are very simple, it is white, and even on white paper, it is not necessary to paint, and monochrome is easily copied. In addition, the best selling derivatives of Crazy Animal City are not dolls, but carrots. Why? First, this is a practical thing; second, the turning point of all the important plots in the movie is through this carrot recorder. This is the concept of real IP development.

Yang Hao believes that when doing IP development, it is not necessary to choose a well-known IP, but to think about how to do development.

Mr. Guan Xiaojie, president of the Internet Movie Group, is more cautious about IP development, which focuses only on individual colors. He believes that although some online works can hold some stars, they should not be too prominent. The sound of Papi sauce is unattractive if it is not treated.

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