Efficient solutions for new energy vehicles in the future

Automobiles are increasingly evolving from mechanical products to electronic products, and traditional mechanical components have been unable to meet the ever-increasing demands of automotive performance. Whether it is user experience, active safety, or fuel economy, it is achieved by a variety of sophisticated and reliable automotive electronic systems. In the future, automotive electronic components and technologies will be more widely used in the automotive industry, becoming the most important technical support force in the future automotive industry.

Recently, the "OFweek2016 China New Energy Vehicle Core Electronic Technology Seminar" hosted by OFweek China High-Tech Industry Portal and NEPCON, and OFweek New Energy Auto Network was held in the NEPCON Theatre of Hall 2 of the Shanghai World Expo. Many industry elites and experts and scholars gathered to interpret the latest technological advances in new energy vehicle manufacturing, share cutting-edge solutions and scientific research results, and jointly explore the success of China's new energy vehicle core electronics manufacturing! Hu Shiqiang, manager of Shenzhen Shiqiang Advanced Technology Marketing Department, gave a keynote speech entitled “Efficient New Energy Vehicle Solution”.

Efficient solutions for new energy vehicles in the future

Hu Shiqiang, Senior Marketing Manager, Shenzhen Shiqiang Advanced Technology

With the steady growth of market demand, the demand for efficient, highly integrated and high-quality technical solutions in the new energy automobile industry is becoming increasingly urgent. Relevant data show that in 2020, the production capacity of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles will reach 2 million, and the cumulative production and sales volume will exceed 5 million.

Hu Yueqiang said that the new energy vehicles are mainly composed of three parts: motor drive, electronic control part and battery management system (BMS). As a core component, the cost of batteries is getting lower and lower, and the energy density is 2022 or 400Wh/L. The prospect of the new energy vehicle market is great. Hu Yueqiang showed the application block diagram of the new energy vehicle powertrain on site and shared the reference scheme of the new energy vehicle inverter system. He said that the complete reference design makes the inverters in HEV/EV smaller, lighter and more efficient.

The program brought by Hu Yueqiang focuses on three major modules.

First, the RENESAS RH850 C1 X ASILD is the highest automotive grade control module with a built-in current loop with a resolver decoding. Among them, Renesas' IGBT technology can increase the frequency conversion system from 650V / 300A to 900V / 1200V.

Second, AVAGO, Silicon Labs and Vincotech as the main circuit, powerful drive / isolation module. Among them, the isolated analog amplifier Si8920 can be applied to motor-driven inverters and photovoltaic inverters.

Third, the system's power supply and protection module, with RICOH, new power supply, WIMA capacitor, LITTELFUSE protection device to ensure the system safe and stable work, and provide a reliable plug-in device Preci-dip, to achieve overall efficiency and reliability.

In addition, he also explained the battery solution of the new energy vehicle, indicating that the battery management control chip on the high-voltage side of the battery needs to cooperate with the host computer control system for data transmission and control. The high-voltage side battery management control chip and the host computer system are generally two independent electrical systems, and the data output and control between them need to be electrically isolated, including the transmission of various high-speed data and the transmission of some other switching signals. At the same time, the information status of the battery management system BMS needs to be communicated in real time with the vehicle master controller, the motor controller, the energy control system, the vehicle display system, and the like.

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