Four ministries issued a document to coordinate the stable supply of coal to ensure power generation in winter

As the temperature gradually decreases, the current focus of coal supply coordination in China will shift to ensuring winter electricity production and heating coal for northern urban residents.

The reporter learned from the National Development and Reform Commission on the 11th that the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Railways, and the Ministry of Communications have jointly issued a notice requesting that the stable supply of coal in winter be done well.

The notice requires that all localities, especially the northern regions, attach great importance to power generation and heating work, pay attention to research on the new situation of coal supply and demand this winter, identify problems early, and take targeted measures to ensure the smooth progress of wintering coal storage. All key coal-producing provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) should supervise and guide coal enterprises that meet the conditions of safe production, and focus on the production and export plans of coal for coal and residential heating, so as to give priority to car and loading, and strive to improve products. Quality and contract redemption rate.

The notice stressed that all localities should urge power supply and heating enterprises to actively negotiate with the coal mines to implement the necessary resources, and at the same time strengthen cooperation with railway and port and shipping enterprises, especially in areas with tight spring transportation capacity, coal-fired power plants, and northern heating enterprises. It is necessary to solve the problems of winter coal storage funds and other issues in advance, and strive to expand the coal storage site, more pick-up, more pick-up, and more coal. Railways, transportation departments and enterprises should organize the connection of transportation plans and strengthen dispatch according to the characteristics and needs of winter coal and urban residents' heating coal. For coal-fired power plants in key power plants and urban residents, prioritize, prioritize vehicles, prioritize loading, prioritize release, and prioritize unloading.
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