Jiangxi Power Grid issued five measures to prepare for the peak winter

The reporter learned from the analysis of the information disclosure and safety production of Jiangxi Power Grid in the third quarter of 2005 held on October 18th that Jiangxi Power Grid is preparing for the peak winter work after winning this year's peak summer victory. The company has taken five measures to cope with the arrival of the peak load in winter, and strives to ensure that the province's economic and social development and the normal and stable power supply of urban and rural residents live in the province during the peak winter.

It is understood that during the peak summer season of this year, Jiangxi Power Grid has withstood a high-load test of up to 6,825,200 kilowatts with an installed capacity of 6,297,800 kilowatts. The grid's maximum power load increased by 12.63% year-on-year and hit a record high. By the end of the whole network, there is no power cut-off and peak-to-peak avoidance, which effectively guarantees the normal and reliable power supply of the province's economy and society. In view of the lack of coal and water at the beginning of this year, the coal-fired power grid caused the power grid to be cut off, and Jiangxi Power Grid made early preparations for the power supply project in winter and winter, and proposed five measures to cope with this year’s peak. Winter work: First, further strengthen the power grid dispatch management, ensure the completion of the autumn maintenance plan and the smooth start of the winter peak project, and require all hair and power supply enterprises to complete the final inspection and pre-test work before December 10; It is required that all thermal power plants should prepare for the procurement of coal this winter in advance, and do a good job of storing and transporting coal according to the requirements of peaking winter, avoiding coal shortage and shutting down, and avoiding power cuts due to coal shortage. Third, the requirements for maintenance of thermal power units are required. It will be completed in early December, ensuring that there will be no unplanned outages under heavy load in winter; the fourth is to complete the primary frequency test and excitation system parameters of the generator set as required; the fifth is to meet the downstream water, pressure regulation and At the same time as the emergency reserve needs, to ensure the peaking capacity of hydropower, the dispatching department shall formulate the monthly water level control of each reservoir according to the water supply conditions, load conditions and coal-fired power supply and demand of each hydropower station. Plan and water level at the end of the year.

On the basis of the above five measures, the provincial power company is also focusing on the weak links in the substation, line, dispatch, and power generation of Jiangxi Power Grid, and further paying close attention to the safety management and the dispatching management of grid-connected power plants to ensure the safety and stability of the power grid. Operation, so that the work of this year's peak winter will be implemented.
The authenticity of this information has not been confirmed by the international electrical network, for your reference only.
From: Power Equipment Network


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