Osram's new chip increases red film LED efficiency by 30%

The developers of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors set a new record, successfully increasing the efficiency of red thin film LEDs by 30%. The latest generation of thin-film chips benefit from an optimized chip platform that has the potential to further increase the efficiency of the chip. Due to the significant increase in efficiency, LEDs will have new developments in general lighting, projection and industrial applications.

The latest generation of red 1mm2 thin film chips (InGaAlP) allows the LED to achieve a maximum performance record of 119lm/W at 350mA operating current (70mA at 135lm/W). The chip is packaged in a GoldenDragonPlus package with an emission wavelength of 615 nm (main wave). At this wavelength, no other LED can achieve such high efficiency, which is calculated to be 44% efficient (49% below 70mA) and even more than 50% at 642nm.

High efficiency means greater output at the same current and lower power consumption in related applications; because fewer chips are required, less space is required to produce the same brightness, which inspires more new designs Program. In addition, the amount of waste heat that needs to be eliminated is reduced by nearly 50%, and the demand for heat dissipation is correspondingly reduced. As the brightness increases, the volume of the light source can also become smaller and smaller.

After the LED performance is improved, the application level of this innovative light source has been greatly expanded. For example, the extra high efficiency means that you can use a better quality light to create a warm white LED solution, or you can achieve a better energy balance through color mixing, which is better than the general blue light conversion effect.

Osram's new chip platform increases red film LED efficiency by 30%

Dr. Wolfgang Schmid, who is responsible for the development of this chip technology, points out that all applications that use high-efficiency red light can benefit, especially in projection applications. We expect to start assembling LED products with new thin film chips within a year.

Improvements in material properties, further development of the film platform, and higher output efficiency have resulted in a 30% increase in diode efficiency, while unpackaged chips have benefited from these improvements.

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