Smart Home System Management - Cloud Computing

Cloud computing greatly expands the types and scope that IT services can provide. As an important part of cloud computing infrastructure and service provision, the network needs to meet higher requirements.

The smart home system based on cloud computing is a platform that integrates the Internet of Things and cloud computing technologies. This platform completely displays the overall architecture of the Internet of Things. The top layer uses cloud computing technology to achieve overall management and control, and the perception layer will It is composed of various types of network sensors, including cameras, infrared sensors, door sensors, smart meters, smart meters, smart meters, and fire probes. All of them are networked and form a smart home control system.

Virtualization technology

Cloud computing technology is a technological revolution in the IT industry. It has become the direction for the future development of the IT industry. This change makes the degree of professionalism in the operation of the IT infrastructure continue to concentrate and improve, and thus put forward to the infrastructure level, especially the network. Higher requirements. Virtualized computing resources and storage resources ultimately need to provide users with access through the network. How to make all kinds of users in the cloud use the network as safely as possible, how to allow users to seamlessly access and use cloud computing services, and to meet data center data transmission and migration through the network, which are standard organizations and equipment vendors Active research content. Among them, the use of virtualization technology to increase the utilization of the network and allow the network to be flexible and manageable is a hot topic in cloud computing networks. In the network domain, virtualization is not an emerging technology. Virtual networks allow user groups with different needs to access the same physical network, but they are logically isolated to some degree to ensure security.

With network virtualization technology, multiple closed user groups can be deployed on a single physical infrastructure and maintain high standards of security, scalability, manageability, and availability throughout the network. Through network virtualization, an elastic, secure, adaptive, and easy-to-manage basic network can be implemented to fully meet the challenges posed by virtual technologies such as server virtualization to the underlying network, and to improve data center operating efficiency, flexible service deployment, and energy consumption reduction. The purpose of releasing rack space.

Smart Home System Management - Cloud Computing

The development of virtualization technology has allowed companies, including Internet companies, software vendors, and hardware vendors, to lease IDC services to build their own data centers. Google has invested heavily in cloud computing IT infrastructure. The current data centers that have been completed and currently under construction in four US states each cost about US$600 million. Microsoft has been leasing data centers before, and has been designing and building its own data center since 2007. Currently, there are 15 data centers and 148,000 servers in the world. Each data center costs more than US$500 million. Salesforce's data center is located in the United States, but it is currently planned to establish a data center and network operations center in Singapore. IBM has eight data centers in North Carolina, Dublin, Ireland, Beijing, China, and Tokyo, Japan. In April 2008, IBM also invested about 400 million U.S. dollars in transforming data centers in North Carolina and Tokyo, Japan, and will connect with other data centers to transform cloud computing services.

The emergence of cloud computing data centers has spawned new industrial ecosystems. The future cloud computing data center needs to provide better and cheaper services to meet customers' needs from the bottom storage to the top-level applications in order to be in the leading position in the market. The telecom operators have strong network strength, huge customer resources, charging capacity of the entire network, and good social credit. They should seize the opportunity to establish an ecosystem centered on themselves as the leader and other participants of the new industrial ecosystem. Together, we will enhance the competitiveness of cloud computing data centers through deep cooperation in the industry chain. The cloud computing data center ecosystem includes three small ecological circles and social environment circles in the resource circle, service circle and industry circle. The resource circle provides resources such as software and hardware. The service circle provides various contents and applications. The industry circle can carry out various cooperation. The social environment circle provides a sound mechanism, laws and needs for the entire ecosystem. Each small ecological circle coexists in harmony and cooperates with each other in the social environment.

Virtualization technology refers to computing components running on a virtual, rather than real, basis. It can increase hardware capacity, simplify software reconfiguration processes, reduce software virtual machine related overhead, and support a broader range of operating systems. The virtualization technology can be used to isolate the software application from the underlying hardware. It includes splitting a single resource into multiple virtual resources. It also includes the aggregation mode of integrating multiple resources into one virtual resource. Virtualization technology can be divided into storage virtualization, computational virtualization, network virtualization and so on according to the objects. Computational virtualization is divided into system-level virtualization, application-level virtualization, and surface virtualization. In cloud computing, computing system virtualization is the foundation of all services and applications built on the cloud. Virtualization technology is mainly used in CPU, operating systems, servers and other aspects.

Virtualization technology is the best solution to improve service efficiency. Virtualization realizes the logical abstraction and unified representation of IT resources. It plays a huge role in large-scale data center management and solution delivery, and is the most important technical foundation for supporting the great idea of ​​cloud computing.

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iPhone 8/8 Plus Housing Assembly

Precautions before installation:

1.Please check the appearance of the iPhone 8 Plus 5.5" LCD Screen carefully when receive it to confirm whether there is appearance breakage. Any problems, Please do not hesitate to contact us and provide photos for the problem.

2.Please make sure you are a special repair technician, because it is not an easy job to repair the screen (especial the flex ribbon is easy fracture), please test the item firstly before installing it, just by plugging the flex cable to your mainboard, we will not be responsible for any faulty or damaged after the assembly.

3.There are different sizes and length screws when you replace your iPhone LCD Assembly, please remark each screw and put them in the original place. Otherwise the screen will be easy broken if you put the screw in the wrong place.


· On-off flex cable;

· Flash;

· Charging Port & Charging flex cable ;

· Back camera;

· Volume button;

· Mute button;

· Buzzer & Vibrator;


· 12 Months warranty.

· Flex cables are all original.

· Exquisite craftsmanship.

· Inner Package: Anti-Static Bags & Transparent Air Bubble Bags ; Outer Package: Carton Box Also In Lined With Foam;

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