Development and Reform Commission refines cogeneration management

As one of the ten key energy-saving projects established in the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, cogeneration has not had a more specific plan in many aspects such as heat load, heat source layout, heating scheme selection and unit selection. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Construction issued the Interim Provisions on the Construction and Management of Cogeneration and Coal Gangue Comprehensive Utilization Power Generation Projects. The "Interim Provisions" not only refines the relevant content, but also points out that special plans for the cogeneration and coal gangue comprehensive utilization power generation projects will be implemented, and the total installed capacity should be included in the national power development plan.
Priority is given to back pressure type units. Due to historical reasons, there are still a large number of small and medium-sized coal-fired generating units in China's power system, which have poor scale, waste resources and pollute the environment. In the near future, these small and medium-sized power plants with a capacity of 50,000 kW and below have transformed the condensing unit into a thermal power unit, supplying heat to surrounding industrial enterprises and residential areas, and implementing cogeneration. To this end, the National Development and Reform Commission requested that in the future, cogeneration and coal gangue comprehensive utilization power generation projects must be approved by the local Development and Reform Commission and the Economic and Trade Commission.
In terms of unit selection, the Interim Regulations require that back-pressure combined heat and power units be prioritized in future cogeneration projects. The power generation capacity of the back pressure type unit is not included in the power construction control scale. The back pressure type unit can not meet the heating needs, and it is encouraged to build a large-scale high-efficiency heating unit with a single machine of 200,000 kilowatts or more.
In addition to the back pressure type unit, the project approval authority shall review the cogeneration construction plan and the thermal power distribution construction plan. The annual energy consumption of the combined heat and power production and the total amount of pollutants discharged locally are lower than those of the thermal power distribution. The cogeneration project can be approved. At the same time, in the remote areas where the power grid is small, combined with the needs of local power balance, the pumping-type heating unit can be planned according to the heat load demand, and the cogeneration unit that uses renewable energy such as biomass energy is given priority; And gradually eliminate the secondary high pressure parameters and the following coal (oil) pumping unit.
For the online price of cogeneration projects that are of great concern to all parties concerned, the Interim Provisions stipulate that cogeneration and coal gangue comprehensive utilization power generation projects should give priority to on-grid power generation. The on-grid tariff for cogeneration and coal gangue comprehensive utilization power generation projects shall be implemented by the National Development and Reform Commission's Interim Measures for the Administration of On-grid Electricity Prices. In areas where bidding is implemented, market competition will be formed; in areas where bidding is not implemented, the on-grid tariff of new projects will be implemented by the state to announce the on-grid tariff of newly-fired coal-fired units.
The ex-factory price of the cogeneration project shall be calculated by the provincial price department or the authorized municipal or county people's government according to the principle of reasonable compensation cost, reasonable determination of income, promotion of heat consumption, and fair burden, according to the cost of the competent department of the price. The local heating pricing cost and the specified cost profit rate or return on net assets determined by the supervisory review shall be uniformly verified, and coal heat linkage shall be implemented in accordance with relevant state regulations. The sales price of cogeneration heat supply and other forms of heat supply is gradually implemented at the same price.
Restricting the layout of new single-enterprise projects for the construction of cogeneration, the Provisional Regulations propose that the construction of cogeneration projects should be arranged in five categories, and the specific regional divisions should be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the National Civil Engineering Thermal Design Code.
Although the Interim Regulations propose that industrial areas with industrial thermal load as the mainstay should be planned and constructed as much as possible to achieve centralized heating. At the same time, it is also clear that “in the scope of heating of existing thermal power plants, in principle, it is not necessary to repeat the planning and construction of self-supplied thermal power plants.” At the same time, “except for large petrochemical, chemical, steel and paper enterprises, thermoelectric power limited to a single enterprise. Construction of the joint production project."
In addition, for the construction layout and equipment selection of coal gangue utilization power generation projects, the “Interim Provisions” stipulates that priority should be given to the planning and construction of large coal mining areas or close to large coal washing facilities. If there is centralized heating conditions, cogeneration should be considered. Limit the decentralized construction of a small-scale resource comprehensive utilization power generation project using coal gangue as fuel. The equipment selection of coal gangue comprehensive utilization power generation project should give priority to the construction of large and medium-sized circulating fluidized bed generator sets. In the suburbs of cities outside large mining areas, in principle, the construction of cogeneration projects burning coal gangue is not planned.
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