Power inverter standard will be introduced

On August 26, the draft of the "High-voltage Inverter for Thermal Power Plant Fans and Pumps" jointly drafted by Central China Power Grid Co., Ltd., Hubei Sanhuan Development Co., Ltd. and Wuhan University is undergoing further review by experts, and then the standard is formed. The draft for review will be submitted to the National Development and Reform Commission for approval and implementation by the China Electricity Council.

In China's power generation composition, thermal power accounts for more than 70%, while in general thermal power units, its power consumption generally accounts for 4% to 7% of power generation, and high-voltage factory electric motors that drive large-capacity fans and pumps are auxiliary. The power consumption accounts for about 80% of the electricity used by the plant. The energy-saving effect of the variable speed adjustment of fans and pumps can significantly reduce the cost of power and power generation. The use of high-voltage inverters can save 30%~60% of the power consumption of thermal power plants.

It is reported that China has not formulated national standards for the field of frequency converters, and only the frequency converters are involved in the national standards of China's speed-regulating electrical systems, but the standards are much more considered from the perspective of the inverter equipment itself and the electrical industry. From the perspective of large-scale industrial users such as thermal power plants, the CLP proposed to the National Development and Reform Commission a plan for the preparation of high-voltage inverters for thermal power plant fans and pumps, and then publicly collected the standard. Huazhong Power Grid Co., Ltd. Hubei Sanhuan Development Co., Ltd. and Wuhan University jointly submitted the drafting outline of the standard to the China Electricity Council in September last year.
The authenticity of this information has not been confirmed by the international electrical network, for your reference only.
From: China Industrial News

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