Interview with Lin Yandan: Elegant woman doing lighting (Figure)

Associate Professor Lin Yandan Aladdin Lighting Network, Department of Light Source and Lighting Engineering, Fudan University

Daisy Flower: Forever happiness, strength, purity, peace, hope

Favorite flower

Reporter: Thank you for participating in the group interview. What kind of flowers do you like most? Why?

Lin Yandan: I like daisies more, the colors are very rich, the vitality is very strong, and it is not delicate, fresh and elegant. The flower language of the daisy is always happy, and the other is strong. It always encourages me to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude at all times, and is brave and brave to face every challenge.

Process and feelings reporter: In the lighting academic industry, you are quite well-known now, how do you feel about this success?

Lin Yandan: Because our lighting academic circle is not big, as the time in the industry is getting longer, there will be more and more people who will know each other. This can't be called high visibility. On the contrary, I will follow As the circle grows bigger, it gradually feels the increase in pressure, and it feels that there is no end to learning. I hope to be down-to-earth and do my best to do everything well and make continuous progress.

Reporter: There are very few studies on the academic aspects of women's lighting technology. Do you think that this road has a particularly memorable place?

Lin Yandan: My experience in studying in Germany is believed to make me unforgettable. At that time, being alone in a foreign country, family and friends were not around, objectively brought a lot of difficulties to life, but these are not the main ones. The biggest difficulty comes from two aspects, one is scientific research work, and the other is course study.

At that time, on the one hand, like the German doctoral students, they should independently undertake the research projects; on the other hand, they should take some professional basic courses like Chinese doctoral students, which is not needed for German doctoral students. In scientific research, at that time, a German colleague seemed to have a tendency to be ethnically discriminatory. He was not very friendly to the Chinese. In addition, I took a German scholarship. He always felt that I should do more work, and I would give it extra. I assign a lot of tasks, but I don't provide any convenience for my own research projects. My experimental equipment is often occupied, the experimental funding is seriously insufficient, and the core references are all in German for a while. Later, he still bite his teeth, hardened the German reference, and fought many times. He finally got a great help from the instructor, successfully completed the doctoral thesis, and was respected by the German colleague.

In terms of learning, although German already had a certain foundation at that time, in the face of the professional foundation course in German and German, at the beginning, listening to the fast speed of German professors in the classroom, there was no confidence at all. The rate of failure is more than 50%, and it is even more frightening. I have been telling myself that I can't give up, and slowly understand it a little bit. In the end, I actually got a very good result.

This experience in Germany has made me more independent and strong, and I have the courage to face it when I am facing difficulties. At the same time, this experience reminds me all the time. As a Chinese, I will always go for my own national self-esteem. One of the keys to fighting is to make yourself stronger.

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