Secret lighting market, black curtain crystal lamp has triple greasy

The renovation of the construction started in March and April this year, most of the hard work projects have been completed, the owners began to turn their attention to soft decorations such as lamps. However, after the on-the-spot investigation, many owners found that the lamps of similar styles, some sold hundreds, and some had thousands. Several times, ten times, even dozens of times the difference, people can not start. The reporter also found in unannounced visits that, as some consumers have reflected, the lighting market is full of confusing and traps.

The styles are almost the same price.

In the investigation, the reporter found that the crystal lamp of the enamel is the most chaotic in the lighting market. Ordinary lamps are difficult to sell on thousands of dollars, and for crystal lamps, thousands of dollars is the starting price. However, are all kinds of crystal lamps on the market really worth the money?

Many consumers buy glass with the price of crystal! Jinling Decoration City Litong Lighting A person in charge of the unnamed person told reporters that the crystal lamp is expensive because the purity of the crystal is very high. However, under the attraction of huge profits, many merchants use glass to polish crystal lamps, and label them with a price difference of high purity crystal lamps. Many consumers are unclear, thinking that they are cheap, but they are confused. When.

Because there are not many well-known lighting brands in China, many of the best-selling products of brand lighting will be copied by small brands, while the small brands are used for profitability. For example, the sheepskin lamp, although called the sheepskin lamp, is not really made of sheepskin on the market. Most of them are made of parchment paper with texture similar to sheepskin. Because of the plasticity of parchment, manufacturers can produce a lot of unique sheepskin lamps. Some manufacturers will mark the sheepskin with imported sheepskin. Compared with the domestic sheepskin, the price is also very different, but in fact they are all sheepskin, and the cost is similar. Mr. Zhang, the hardware boss who once worked in the lighting business, told the reporter.

There is still profit after the purchase price doubles

In addition, what is the price of the lamps? Mr. Zhang told reporters that the sales price of lighting products generally doubles the cost, so after the discount, the profits of the lamps are still very impressive.

The average consumer bargaining price is based on the salesperson's quotation, because the salesperson will emphasize that the lowest discount price is reported. However, many lights still have to earn after the cut. For example, Mr. Zhang said that, for example, a consumer-selected lighting price is more than 3,000 yuan, and the price is still more than 2,000 yuan, I feel satisfied. Then add up the prices of all the selected lights, count the total, and pay to leave. We will be very happy when we meet such a buyer. However, there are also some savvy consumers who will ask for discounts after they have all been selected. Generally, we will make a discount. As a result, the price of lighting has shrunk by more than half. When the reporter was surprised by the moisture in the price, Mr. Zhang said that the boss of the black heart, such a transaction price is much higher than the cost price.

There are a lot of tricks in those bargains.

Some merchants will also slap on the owners who don't know how to do it. Take the current best-selling metal lamps. For a metal lamp with a price of more than 1,000 yuan, the low-voltage high-light lamp beads are sold in the lamps. However, many consumers do not know this information, so some black-hearted merchants sell the lamp beads and lamps separately. A lamp with a wholesale price of a few dollars will be taken out by the lamps that have already been paid, and sold for another 10 More than one dollar. Some metal lamps require 10 to 20 low-voltage lamp beads at a glance. If you buy a few more, the cost of the consumer will be as high as one hundred yuan.

Like this 2.5-inch downlight, there are two kinds of materials, iron and aluminum die-casting. The price of die-casting is nearly double that of iron, because iron is easy to rust. Mr. Zhang revealed that many businesses like this kind of small things do not say that if consumers don't ask, they will buy iron downlights at the price of die casting.

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