ARIP: "Intelligent" Platform Leads New Change of ADLINK

A professional manufacturer of modular embedded computing platform-ADLINK and Intel held a technical seminar on the theme "ARIP: The Future of" Intelligent "Telecommunication Network Computing Platform" in Shenzhen on September 27, 2013. Many people in the industry participated in this event and conducted in-depth discussions with experts on the latest and hottest applications in the field of telecommunications networks. In the same period, Mr. Ye Jianliang, Director of Platform Engineering and Service Center of ADLINK Embedded Computing Products Division, and Mr. Liu Junyi, Product Manager of ADLINK Embedded Computing Products Division accepted an exclusive interview with Electronic Fans.

ARIP intelligent platform leads ADLINK's new revolution

Mr. Ye Jianliang, Director of Platform Engineering and Service Center, ADLINK Embedded Computing Products Division (left) Mr. Liu Junyi, product manager of ADLINK Embedded Computing Products Division (right)

Innovation drives another major change in ADLINK

ADLINK has always been committed to technological innovation in the fields of measurement, industrial computers and automation applications, providing global partners with high-quality and excellent cost-effective solutions. The launch of the innovative ARIP (ApplicaTIon-Ready Intelligent Platform) solution can effectively help telecom network equipment manufacturers to quickly build a telecom network computing platform, which can be very convenient to build customer application needs on the ARIP platform, helping customers seize Market opportunities. In order to meet the needs of customers with different applications, ADLINK has constructed ARIP platforms that can be equipped with different types according to customers' own conditions to choose the best solution.

Mr. Ye Jianliang, Director of Platform Engineering and Service Center of Embedded Computing Products Division of ADLINK, introduced that the ARIP platform launched by ADLINK is a group of proven modules for different applications. It is an intelligent platform composed of hardware, software (firmware and middleware), operating system, etc. It is a perfect telecommunications network solution, and it is also the first time ADLINK has transformed from a hardware provider to a platform provider Leap forward, this is a major change for ADLINK.

Four important breakthroughs in the ARIP platform:

1. Solve the compatibility and complexity of the telecommunications network system between various enterprises. Starting from the lowest level of hardware integration, verification, and compatibility, the ARIP platform can well solve the interoperability between various systems, including The problem of interconnection.

2. Optimize the operating system and improve system performance; including some general-purpose software (firmware and middleware), etc., the ARIP platform can verify and optimize the performance, and virtualization certification; including personalized adjustments for some special industry applications .

3. The ARIP platform also provides various toolkits, including system management, power management, and application control (including fast path modules for data plane and signal processing functions, such as ADLINK ’s data plane development kit (ADLINK DPDK Toolkit), Media SDK Toolkit (System SDK Toolkit), System Management Toolkit).

4. To do POC concept certification for customer applications, can help customers get first-hand data, shorten the development process and reduce research and development risks.

Mr. Ye Jianliang said that the intelligent ARIP platform has four major characteristics of manageability, virtualization, green energy saving, and ruggedness, such as EPMA module, which can make the product work in the lowest power consumption state; it also has remote local management control and operation standardization; Ability to switch between the master and slave, negotiation between the master and slave, equipment detection, software detection to ensure the continuity and reliability of the product; all Intel architecture blades and server boards support virtualization, and will verify the virtualization , And virtualized SDN (Software Defined Network), virtualized data center, can meet the future development requirements of SDN. Adopting ADLINK ’s mature platforms and applications, customers ’applications can reduce their reliance on low-level business and enable the final product to have the ability to be autonomous and self-healing, thereby saving more precious resources for product differentiation and solution innovation .

Mr. Ye Jianliang said that the ARIP platform will enter the military industry, rail transportation and other industries in the later period. The hardware failure prediction and reliability analysis capabilities of the ARIP platform can effectively avoid accidents.

Future trends of embedded computing products

In recent years, based on the development of networks, communications, and microelectronics, and the strong demand for overwhelming digital information products, embedded computing products have developed faster and more rapidly. Mr. Liu Junyi, product manager of ADLINK's Embedded Computing Products Division, said that increasing CPU processing speed, increasing high bandwidth, saving energy and low power consumption, and virtualization will be important trends in the development of embedded computing products.

Mr. Liu Junyi said that at this stage, digital information products are being updated faster and faster, and the requirements for processing efficiency are becoming higher and higher; when 100G is in progress in terms of bandwidth, the future bandwidth may be higher; energy saving reduces operating costs. This is An indispensable option; in terms of virtualization, not only in the cloud, but also in management, flexibility of layout, and simplified architecture. Even virtualization may develop into an operational service model. The rise of embedded computing makes embedded system research more in-depth and more widely used.

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