Why is the Qualcomm Toq smart watch so expensive?

2013 is coming to an end, but the popularity of this new product of smart watches is not diminished. In addition to Pebble, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony smartwatch 2, which are well-known smart watches, Qualcomm launched a product Toq also listed in the near future, let's take a look at its getting started.

Although Qualcomm has not publicized the Toq, this smart watch still has some advanced features. It is equipped with a Mirasol display, similar to the e-ink electronic ink screen, which has high contrast and power-saving features, and can also display a certain color, which is unmatched by the monochrome e-ink electronic ink screen. .

Why is the Qualcomm Toq smart watch so expensive?

Why is the Qualcomm Toq smart watch so expensive?

In actual use, we found that the Qualcomm Toq display is very good, the refresh rate is significantly higher than Pebble, but compared to the OLED screen, the color is still a little monotonous, and can not display complex animation.

Why is the Qualcomm Toq smart watch so expensive?

As for the overall design, the Qualcomm Toq feels stylish enough, but the wristband design is thicker than the imaginary avant-garde. As for the function, Qualcomm Toq, like other smart watches, can be linked with a smartphone, and can receive calendar, email, incoming calls, text messages and other data, as well as play music, and the function is still very rich. In addition, Qualcomm Toq also supports AllJoyn technology, enabling IoT applications.

Why is the Qualcomm Toq smart watch so expensive?

At present, Qualcomm Toq only supports connection with Android phones, and requires mobile phones to use system versions of 4.0.3 and above. In addition, Toq supports Bluetooth 3.0 and A2DP functions, can connect stereo Bluetooth headset, answer the phone or play music, it is very convenient. There is also a cool feature, Qualcomm Toq can support wireless charging, the charging base uses a universal micro USB data interface, just put the watch in a specific location, you can achieve charging operation.

Why is the Qualcomm Toq smart watch so expensive?

As for the price, Qualcomm Toq is priced at 350 US dollars (about 2128 yuan), the price is more expensive, and currently out of stock in the US market, Qualcomm also did not say that Toq will be listed in the Chinese market. In general, this product still has some advanced features in some aspects, including Mirasol display and low-power processor, but there is not much in the application, it will not produce too much The market response.

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