ELI is the world's most widely accepted and efficient lighting product certification

The latest market intelligence indicates that since the development and implementation of low-energy lighting products elimination plans such as incandescent lamps, countries have promoted and popularized the application of energy-efficient lighting products, and adopted high-efficiency lighting product certification as one of the thresholds for entry, such as entering the US market. ENERGY STAR certification, ELI certification for markets entering developing countries or countries with economies in transition.

ELI (Efficient Lighting Initiative) is the global accreditation for high-efficiency lighting products. It is an international authoritative certification program that certifies the quality and performance of lighting products to identify long-life + good quality + high-efficiency lighting products.

ELI focuses on the promotion of efficient lighting product certification to developing countries and countries with economies in transition, currently in Argentina, the Philippines, Peru, South Africa, Australia, Latvia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Nepal, Mauritius, Syria, Uruguay, Vietnam, Indonesia, Serbia, Countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, India, and China have implemented and become the bulk of procurement standards in these countries. In particular, the Australian government has made ELI certification results one of the conditions for market access.

ELI's current product certification scope includes LED downlights, reflective self-ballasted LED lights, LED street lights/tunnel lights, self-ballasted non-directional LED lights, decorative LED lights, and the certification mode consists of three parts, including product inspection (ELI). Approved Saixi laboratory test report), documentation and data review (manufacturer must provide relevant quality management documents and data), and post-certification supervision.

ELI-certified products are recognized by the world's most extensive multi-national bulk trade, demonstration projects, and major projects.

(This article is contributed by Guangzhou Saixi Laboratory)

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