Can the smart home background music system still play like this?

Music can incite the soul, and it can also be a modifier to slow down your fast-paced life. Therefore, the smart home background music system is more and more popular and favored by urban owners. In the rapid development of the Internet of Things, background music has begun to gradually enter. Ordinary families, livable small series and everyone's policy, the background music system can actually play like this!

1, Hi-Fi sound quality

Hi-Fi (Hi-Fi) is not a measure of the quality of a music system. Hi-Fi is not the same as good sound quality, but it is a condition that a good music device must have. The high-fidelity sound quality makes the music you hear, like sitting in the position where the sound occurs, and the sound heard with your ears, similar to the immersive feeling of watching a 3D movie. For those who have a certain pursuit of music, a music system with Hi-Fi is a basic requirement.

2, occupying a small space, easy to install

Before we bought a set of music equipment, we might have to find two large-sized speaker equipment and empty space in the house. As the living conditions are getting better and better, more and more furniture needs to be placed in the house. Large speakers take up too much space, especially for people whose family size is not very spacious.

The background music system that many families need is best not to take up too much space, and installation does not require much trouble. For example, the concealed installation of the ceiling does not occupy the space inside the room, and most of the wiring can be passed through the ceiling. The only trouble is the control panel installation. There is also a benefit of the hidden installation of the ceiling, that is, the sound quality effect is better than that of the ordinary placed speaker, giving a feeling of reverberation around the beam.

3, easy to operate, individuality

Most people nowadays want to listen to music and are used to using their own mobile phones, but sometimes wearing headphones or mobile phones does not achieve the effect we want. The operation of the smart home background music system is just as easy as the operation of listening to music with our mobile phone. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of background music, in addition to random, loop, timing, etc., you can also set the fade-in and fade out. For example, when we want to listen to the song, The fade-out mode is definitely a good choice.

4, context linkage

The essence of smart home background music is actually the linkage of the scene. If there is no linkage, it is actually a simple background music, but not a smart home background music. Which of the above mentioned scenarios, combined with the contextual linkage of the smart home system , can be completed simply by pressing the wall switch button or by clicking on the mobile phone. This is the new music experience brought by the smart home background music system. .

Of course, the contextual linkage of intelligent background music is not just a combination of the above. According to personal needs, you can choose how to open the background music under what kind of home scene, and also set the duration of the timed music playback. With the artificial intelligence and further development, the future smart home background music system can realize more and more scenes. In the future, the system will automatically play according to your personal habits without any human operation.

5, can be modified

Just like many people like to modify car stereos, everyone may have their own specific needs. Many music enthusiasts have a higher pursuit of sound quality and listening to music habits, and they can achieve their favorite effects through modification. Smart home background music is just a standard configuration when it leaves the factory. People who like to play music may not need this configuration.

The above is the smart home background music system that the average family needs. If you just like background music, you can configure a simple background music system and enjoy the effect of the residual sound. If you want to work with a smart home system, you can enjoy more music scenes.

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