Nani? Microsoft's top designer HoloLens was dug up by Tesla

A few days ago, according to foreign media reports, Tesla dug a top designer of Microsoft, he is former HoloLens industrial designer Andrew Kim. Next, he will be the chief designer at Tesla, and the news has been confirmed by his personal LinkedIn (a social networking site). He has worked at Microsoft for more than three years, and his previous work focused on the HoloLens Augmented Reality Sockets project and his deep involvement in the Xbox One S project.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Andrew Kim spent his childhood in Ottawa and British Columbia, and graduated from the American Art Center College of Design. In July 2012, at the “Creative Strategy” course at the School of Design at the Art Center of Pasadena, Professor Fridolin Beisert gave the students the task of redesigning the popsicle, while Andrew Kim decided to jump out of the inherent mindset and not design new ones. Popsicles are redesigning brands for software companies! In the three days, I completed a different work The Next Microsoft. It is also because of this brand logo designed for Microsoft that caught the attention of Microsoft. In January 2013, he announced that he became Microsoft. Staff.

Nani? Microsoft's top designer HoloLens was dug up by Tesla

Nani? Microsoft's top designer HoloLens was dug up by Tesla

In fact, before the Microsoft brand concept logo, Kim also designed a concept smartphone with 2 OLED touch screens in 2007. In 10 years, he designed the concept phone HTC 1, according to his own introduction, this phone can better match the hardware and software.

Nani? Microsoft's top designer HoloLens was dug up by Tesla

Nani? Microsoft's top designer HoloLens was dug up by Tesla

Tesla's current projects include Model 3 improvements, the new Roadster and electric trucks. Recently, it also announced the acquisition of SolarCity. In addition, Tesla's interior problems have been criticized, so this may become the new design. The work content of the division. Of course, Tesla hired Kim. Another possibility is that the company wants to use holographic or AR technology in cars. Because this year, another car manufacturer, Volvo, disclosed plans to use HoloLens in dealerships.

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