Xiao Long 821 Lenovo ZUK Edge black and white real machine exposure

[IT168 News] The recent "regular dispensers" frequently exposed their new machine Lenovo ZUK Edge, although the product name is Edge, but according to previous exposure, this is not a curved screen model. After yesterday's release of the machine's system screenshots and forwarding of the Lenovo ZUK Edge hardware configuration shown on the security Bunny database, a new real machine photo appears on the Internet. Lenovo ZUK Edge appears in black and white at the same time. Both new machines have a high screen share.

â–² Lenovo ZUK Edge black and white color real machine

As can be seen from the figure, the two phones use a four-sided ultra-narrow design. The “forehead,” “chin,” and both sides are very narrow. There have been rumors that the screen may account for more than Xiaomi’s full-screen concept, Xiaomi MIX. Taking into account the millet MIX ultra-narrow on the three sides but wide chin, so Lenovo ZUK Edge screen ratio will surpass the millet MIX there are still some possibilities. It is reported that ZUK Edge will also adopt positive fingerprint recognition, and it is not known how the "narrow chin" recognition rate occupied by high screens.

Configuration has no suspense, positive use of a 1080P display, built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor (maximum frequency 2.35GHz), with 6GB RAM + 64GB/128GB ROM, running Android 7.0 operating system. The camera, the machine uses a front 800W + rear 1300W pixel camera combination. At present, Ann Bunny runs in about 16W in the background. According to the conventional wisdom, Lenovo ZUK Edge is expected to be listed at the end of the month.

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