Everyone's movie shooter network shut down behind the big game in the big game

Everyone film, shooter network close

I'm talking about why everyone's video and shooter networks are closed. It is not a pure fight against piracy, but it is the SARFT's implementation of the above ideological directives, and it is also the time for the integration of telecom operators to compete for power.
Combating piracy is indeed the first feeling. You can definitely think of it directly. Regarding all its great benefits, it will not be said.

The ideological thing does not say anything. This is a consistent situation. Many features of radio and television have this feature. Doing a bad job is also very troublesome for it. After the Central Propaganda Department officials completed the mission of China's first Internet Conference in Wuzhen, the SARFT, which also has ideological tasks, must be embarrassed and idle.

But I think that the game between broadcasters and operators is behind the door.

Is there really a logic for a subtitle? Yes. It is a lever that has a very small movement and great effect.

Subtitles aren’t something that simply exists. You’re not stupid not to watch movies or TV shows, but you’re just watching subtitles seriously. Of course there must be such a weird person. The text really has charm.

The content of the foreign movie and TV series corresponding to the subtitles is the intention of the broadcasting and television. This is the starting point for Radio and TV to implement supervision in the triple play era.

In the past, the supervision of radio and television was mainly concentrated in the cinema and TV terminals. The supervision of cinemas is very easy to implement due to the transparency, coverage, and limited number of market players. The actual focus is television.

In the past few years, you should have watched a series of actions of radio and television. Especially in the past year, it has already left a deep impression on the rectification of Internet TV terminals, which is enough to write into the history of radio and television broadcasting in China. Under No. 181 and No. 43, the Chinese box, television, and TV operating system are one after the other.

This is just a process that it infiltrates the entire triple play through the OTT standardization.

However, the rectification of radio and television in the area of ​​Internet TV is even greater, and it is difficult to shake the infiltration of telecom operators using backbone networks in Chinese families. The television field is a radio and television dish, and operators have no idea what they can say. However, its technical characteristics are enough to continue to dismantle the power of radio and television in multi-screen terminals. Yes, people's television operating rates are not high. Most of the time they watch mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Mobile phones, tablets, computers, people use them, in addition to business functions, the biggest experience of the duration is just entertainment, especially watching videos, playing games, watching information, chatting. Watching the video is not only about the public's preference but also about the operator's preference. It brings a large proportion of the traffic.

Radio and television can only affect the TV and the box at the technical level, and cannot affect mobile phones, PCs and PADs. However, its supervision of content can infiltrate it, so it has a means of supervision beyond the screen. So, you have seen radio and television have been attacking them in the past few years. Formally, it is not fast because it cannot be too straightforward, and it is rather annoying to cause people to anger.

In other words, in the past, broadcasting and television supervision of terminals and content were two different strategies: the television field was very tough and straightforward, and integrated supervision; the multi-screen field of telecommunications was only at the content level. This has led to many passive regulatory strategies. The people will not manage so much. They will only care about the cultural consumption experience. They are somewhat uncomfortable with the regulation of television. They are more dependent on other screens for consumption.

After the establishment of the State Grid, the actions of the radio and television began to take place step by step. In September of this year, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television issued the New Radio and Television (2014) Document No. 204, which began restricting and comprehensively managing the introduction of overseas video and TV dramas by video websites. In the past, No. 43 and No. 181 tended to focus on terminals, but they also covered content, but they were mainly in the television field. Nowadays, Circular 204 has unified all the contents into a single plate, and there has been supervision of a single game. Telecom operators have resorted to technical capabilities to infiltrate the process. , began to be constrained.

In other words, the radio and TV cannot control the hardware and can't control the technology. However, through the content, you can cross-screen the whole thing .

In the past many years, the openness of telecommunications and Internet network technology has indeed caused many irregularities on one end of the content. Piracy is already a chronic illness. While pirating oneself, piracy is even worse, huh, huh.

Subtitles are products that are integrated with the content and generally cannot be used alone for experience and appreciation. The shooting of the shooter network was actually a countermeasure against the dissemination and dissemination of content on telecommunication sites.

Subtitles are a small thing, but it does have a huge leverage effect. Starting from it, you can have more than one stone: crack down on piracy, standardize the management of film and television subtitles, implement ideological work, and counter the penetration of operators.

Of course, the attack on subtitles such as Shooter.com will not really work. Because radio and television cannot control the penetration of overseas content sources from a technical level. Similar to the service of the Shooter Network, people can change their place, but they can also restart the stove. In fact, there are many small subtitle service organizations on the market. However, in the short term, this action will inhibit the spread of many new overseas content.

A subtitle reflects a power bureau. I think that in this round of games, the action of radio and television is somewhat simple and crude. It does not fully realize that there are many spontaneous forces in the industry chain. Although the subtitles are related to many pirated contents, there are also quite a number of Internet practitioners who work purely based on enthusiasm. The broadcasting and TV industry should consider more from the market point of view, use the market to guide, collect, specification.

In the game of radio and television and telecommunications, more market elements should be introduced and diversions should be used for the sake of their own use rather than being closed and allowed to fend for themselves. In fact, closure will not have any effect. After a while, it will surely come up. In a country where there is no truly open captioning and compiling platform, only a few major movie studios and studios within the system will not say much about efficiency, nor will they have any enthusiasm.

Subtitles are also a reflection of the weak competitiveness of the Chinese film and television content industry in the world. The game of broadcasting and television, if it does not benefit the development of Chinese local content, will fundamentally have the meaning of an administrative directive. In fact, China's original content is slowly making its way overseas. There will certainly be an upsurge in the future, and domestic captions have not formed an industrial chain. Simple and rude management at this time will weaken its growth.

One joke is that the SARFT's actions are not worthless. It should disguise the Chinese people's foreign language level, especially hearing. After the national secondary school compresses foreign language classes, students have more foreign languages ​​to drive mechanics. Their future examination skills should not be too harsh, haha.

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