Zhang Chaoyang Why Moved "House of Cards" to Sohu Video

Sohu Video announced the second season of the solo card house. Sohu CEO and Sohu Video Agency CEO Zhang Chaoyang, musician Gao Xiaosong and film critic Zhou Liming were present. A lot of foreign media came to the scene and once they came up to speak English, there was a lot of information on the house of cards.
First, how to look at the House of Cards

Zhang Chaoyang and three other people talked about the views on the house of cards, as follows:

Zhou Liming: There is a lot of suspense in the whole play. The lines are words. If you don't listen to the voice-over, you can't read it.

Zhang Chaoyang: House of Cards is the epitome of American politics. It creates an atmosphere that allows the Chinese people to smell the true smell of American politics.

Gao Xiaosong: The House of Cards truly reflects the Americans’ disappointment with the U.S. Congress and the U.S. government. It is not like the old U.S. drama that has always had only one bad person.

Second, whether to delete sensitive content?

House of Cards is a political drama that may involve sensitive information. In this regard, Zhang Chaoyang said that many executives from the political and business sectors watched the show and they liked it very much. They did not cut the issue of supervision.

Third, will the Chinese people have an incorrect impression of U.S. politics?

Zhang Chaoyang: Before the House of Cards, the Chinese people's incorrect impression of American politics is too incorrect. The politics of the house of cards is in fact a rule. A transaction or a game is absolutely something that someone can produce. . So Americans don’t have to worry about this.

Gao Xiaosong: There are two kinds of Chinese people’s understanding of the U.S. government. One feels that the U.S. has everything to do. No one will make it worse. No one will corrupt a penny. Another kind of person thinks that the United States is dead. Everything is a capitalist. Everything is under the control of the rich. This drama is not very extreme, everything is operating under trading. Fortunately, after reading it, I don't think the U.S. government has failed.

Fourth, Sohu video will not be made under the big data homemade drama?

The house of cards is made by netflix through big data. Zhang Chaoyang believes that it is far from meeting such needs in China. The domestic TV dramas basically know how to shoot better, so the data of the audience is not of much significance to the writing of the screenwriter. .

5. How is the cost of a house of cards compared to other American theatres? What is the cost of the American drama compared to the American drama?

Zhang Chaoyang said that the prices of the house of cards and other American dramas are similar, and that the United States is cheaper than the American Opera. The specific prices are inconvenient.

VI. What can SOHU learn from the introduction of solitaire houses?

Zhang Chaoyang said that the fierce competition in U.S. TV dramas has led to a high level of U.S. TV dramas, reflecting that competition has produced excellent products. Sohu's self-produced drama has just begun. Now the focus is on a broadcast platform. Home-made dramas are on the one hand, but they still hope to have more excellent Pingzu so that they can be broadcast.

This multi-American drama, why did Sohu specifically pick out the card house to promote it, and had a special press conference for the show?

Xiao Bian think there are several reasons:

1. The House of Cards is a beautiful American drama with a good reputation and high quality.

2. There is topicality and stimulating influence in the U.S. House of Cards, which has produced a "house of cards effect". For example, the day before the U.S. President Barack Obama played, he used Twitter to post a message: "Tomorrow @ House of Cards, Please do not spoil."

3. The most important Zhang Chaoyang complained repeatedly that overseas investors "do not know the goods" gave Sohu too low a valuation. Using the house of cards to increase the exposure, this conference invited so many foreign media agencies to estimate this is also the reason.

4. It is possible that the distribution of Sohu's video may be split up. The influence of the promotion and publicity of the card house on the overseas market is not known as a basis for listing.

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