"Soup House" Sohu exclusive broadcast of the United States "court fight" China favored

Today, the sofa net Xiao Bian made three consecutive postings to introduce the American drama "House of Cards" because it was reported on the Internet that " Sohu Video will broadcast the third quarter of " House of Cards" alone ."

The full text of the news report is as follows:

On the afternoon of the 26th, Sohu Video announced in Guangzhou that it would play the third season of the US drama "The House of Cards", the "Sea King" ("One Piece"), the TV series "The Tiger Mom and Dad", and the self-made drama "The Year of the Trap" in the next year. Wait.

In the American drama, Sohu Video, the first US drama platform, will enter into an exclusive content preference with Warner in 2015. It will create original winter, summer, and fall seasons, and launch more than 20 US dramas in each season to open the annual American TV show. mode. Among them, the classic American drama "House of Cards" "Lightning Man" "Handed down" and so on, will let the American drama fans feast their eyes. The old American dramas such as "Friends," "Prison Break," and "Lost" will also be broadcast exclusively.

Among the domestic dramas, the most eye-catching ones were Zhao Wei and Yan Dawei who joined hands to create the 2015 urban drama “Tiger Mom”. Sun Honglei and Hai Qing led the “Second Gunner” and Fan Bingbing returned to the 80-episode television drama series “Wu Zetian”. "And so on, will all be online on the Sohu video. "If You Are the One," "The Brothers Running," "Daddy's Back," "Speeding Forward," and a series of strong variety resources will be premiered on the Sohu video.

Card House First Season Poster

In the second quarter, Underwood (Kevin Spacey), who soared to the vice president, will face tougher political wrangling.

The House of Cards poster for the second season.

The House of Cards poster for the third season.

Why is the American "Doo Gong" drama "House of Cards" held in China? The reason is that "House of Cards" is on-line in the second quarter of the year and the broadcast volume has broken 10 million. The plot tells politicians intrigues, and netizens jokingly called "The White House rumor."

The second quarter of Beijing News's popular American drama "House of Cards" was broadcast exclusively on Sohu Video on February 14, 2014, and the current broadcast volume is nearly 10 million. Yesterday, Sohu Video hosted the solo broadcast of "The House of Cards" in the second quarter. Gao Xiaosong and Chairman of the Board of Directors Sohu Zhang Chaoyang attended and promoted this popular American drama. In the first quarter of "The House of Cards," after it was broadcast on the Netflix network platform in the United States last year, it won both word of mouth and on-demand volume, and won many heavy awards such as Golden Globe and Le Meridien. Now it returns in the second quarter, and it also triggers a large number of high-end audiences. Concern, for example, the United States President Barack Obama used Twitter to send a message before the play: "Tomorrow, "The House of Cards" returns, please don't spoil it," and perform the largest US drama "warm-up advertising." At the same time, former US President Clinton also recommended the show.

Unlike the broadcast frequency of TV stations in the past, Netflix once released 13 sets of "House of Cards" on the Internet for users to pay and click to watch. Sohu is also a full-length introduction. As of yesterday, the subtitled version has been updated to Episode 8. Zhang Chaoyang introduced that the soaring of "card house" in China has enabled the Chinese people to understand the politics of the United States more objectively. "In the past, many Chinese had more bipolar views of American politics. The "U.S. House of Cards" is about the U.S. polity. More detailed, such as how policies were introduced, how politicians are playing, and what kind of relationship they have with the media. The rules and structure of American politics are very rigid, but in this large framework, politicians can play various games. Gao Xiaosong, acquainted with the United States, agreed that in the past, many Chinese people viewed the U.S. politics as extreme. "Some people think that the U.S. government is clean and will not waste every penny of taxpayers; others think American politics is extremely filthy and controlled by capitalists and Jews. These are not objective. "The House of Cards" is for everyone to experience American politics as a whole."

Popular Science
<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> The House of Cards, created by the famous leader David Finch, is a political thriller adapted from the same-name novel and is the first online original drama of Netflix. The first season went live on February 1, 2013 and was starred by Oscar actor Kevin Spacey, describing a White House power struggle between an ambitious political couple. The first season of the drama was bursting with public praise, and nine Emmy awards were nominated. Director David Finch won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director. Actress Robin White also made a name for the show. Kevin Spacey was also nominated for the Emperor.

In the first quarter, Francis Underwood, played by Speyside, emerged from the leadership of the Congress Majority Party (the Party Whip) to become the Vice President of the United States. As for the behind-the-scenes lineup, the Oscar queen Judy Foster is the diversity director. On the day of Valentine's Day this year, the 13th episode of the second quarter went live, and the Sohu video website was broadcast simultaneously. Zhang Chaoyang introduced that the important aspect of "Board House 2" is the addition of Chinese elements. It is understood that the second episode of the second season of "House of Cards" involves the island dispute between China and Japan, and the electronic version of "People's Daily" flashed.

<br> <br> title of the play a double meaning <br> US House of Representatives called the House of Representatives, and House of cards ( "House of Cards") which means in the House of Congress, refers to the entire American politics; secondly, Cards original meaning of the brand Skills, politicians' wrists are just like "Leagues of the Kings, power games," and once again, House of cards is an English-fixed match. The House of Cards is built into a house and linked to the play. It can be understood as a fine-grained man's wrist. Gao Ming, also metaphorically referring to the looseness and fragility of power, is vulnerable.

After the story shines into reality 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, the US faces a series of challenges on the political, social and economic, but due to the ideological differences between the two US political parties growing, more and more incompatible the two sides on key issues, Therefore, almost every important political issue will trigger fierce fighting between the two sides. Among these, the U.S. Congress is again the most criticized. According to Gao Xiaosong, there is a public opinion survey in the United States. Among the most annoying things, the US Congress ranks even after shit, mother-in-law and the State Taxation Bureau. Although the plot of "House of Cards" is full of dramatic factors, even the Chinese audience dubbed it "the White House Executive", but the process of Congressional affairs and the details of the daily work of the party whip, etc., can all be found in reality.

Answering questions <br> There are foreign media inquiries at the conference. "House of Cards 2" deals with whether the Chinese elements have passed the review smoothly and whether it is a full version released in China. Zhang Chaoyang said that "The House of Cards" is mainly about the story of political games in the United States. The proportion of Chinese elements is not high. The review is very smooth. The imported version has not been cut, and it is the same as the content broadcast in the United States.

Let us Chinese fans of the US TV show watch SoHo video "The House of Dolls" "Soul House" on Valentine's Day in 2015!

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