Why did Zhang Chaoyang like "The House of Cards"?

Gao Xiaosong, Zhang Chaoyang, and Zhou Liming (film critics)

Bianews reports: Sohu Video hosted a solitaire broadcast for the House of Cards. As always, Sohu CEO Zhang Chaoyang took a seat, musicians, film director Gao Xiaosong, and film critic Zhou Liming gave guest comments.

Although Zhang Chaoyang acts as the CEO of Sohu Video, it shows that it attaches more importance to video than Sohu's other businesses.

Why is a house of cards?

On the surface, there are enough gimmicks in the card house to attract the attention of the audience. Obama Obama personally warm up: "Tomorrow @ card house, please do not spoil." Clinton also recommended the play.

Netflix is ​​an online video rental provider and the House of Cards is Netflix’s first original work. The outside world attributed the success of the House of Cards to big data. Netflix analyzed the behavior data of at least 30 million members and concluded that users like the Fincher+Spacey+English version of the House of Cards. This resulted in the intersection of the American Theater House of Cards.

This intersection method may not be 100% successful. At the same time, foreign user data may not be available at home.

Judging from the content type alone, it is a political drama, but for some reason the country lacks it. In Zhang Chaoyang’s words, let the people know about American politics through the card house.

What is Sohu Video doing? Through top-level American dramas and American variety shows, it will deepen the influence of top brands in high-end and young audiences. With high-end brand positioning, high-end advertising revenue is available.

At present, the broadcast of solitaire houses on the Sohu video platform has been sought after by a large number of high-end advertisers, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Chanel, Dior and so on.

Why did CNN and The New York Times come?

From last year's Sohu video to force the American drama and the American Concern, the invited foreign media, especially the American media, has increased.

At the invitation of the House of Cards, there were American media such as Hollywood Reporter, CNN, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Sohu Video did this. First, let the U.S.-based Western world use the hit series as a fuse, noting that China has such an online video company, and that the soaring house of cards in the United States is also popular in China. There is also a market;

Let the foreign film makers know that China is not China in two or three years. Video piracy is no longer rampant. The legality of the purchase of copyright is already the mainstream. China's video sites are willing to pay for high-quality film and television rights, and China will probably become the largest film and television copyright. Import country

What do you do for these things? Toll. After nurturing the viewing habits of domestic users, Sohu Video will introduce large-scale American movies and television dramas in the future, and adopt a charging model to clear the legitimate purchase of legitimate purchases and move toward profitability.

In this way, the days of independent listing of Sohu's video are not far away. The US capital market is no longer underestimating Sohu.

Zhang Chaoyang is playing a big game.

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