Excellent Chinese entrepreneurs should be good at taking advantage of the situation

I believe that to become a good Chinese entrepreneur, we must first be a good and clear-minded person. It will only take advantage of the situation but will not be clear. At best it is just a speculative businessman or politician, and will never be a good entrepreneur.

For the leader, “taking the momentum” is to master the big development trend and policy orientation. Excellent leaders must grasp the "big trend" of national policies, conform to the "situation" of industry progress, and understand the "trends" of enterprise development. "Mingdao" means that leaders must master the concept, understand the rules, and clarify the principles. This is great wisdom. Taking advantage of the situation, vision is also; Mingdao, true knowledge also. Returning to the normal ecology of enterprise development means returning to rationality and maturity, and returning to normalization management as the cornerstone, so as to better establish the position of enterprises in domestic and foreign markets, and make good use of resource advantages and environmental characteristics, which will become Chinese enterprises. The "big trend."

First of all, as an entrepreneur, we must recognize the economic environment. With the outbreak of the international financial crisis, the international industry market is surging, and the export of Chinese enterprises is blocked. The losses of the traditional consumer electronics leader and international first-tier manufacturers are even more serious. Take Japanese companies as an example. The current crisis is undoubtedly the biggest blow in the history of Japanese electronics manufacturing. And this is the opportunity for our Chinese companies.

Second, enterprises must grasp the trend of policy guidance. In my opinion, what Chinese entrepreneurs need to think about at this stage is how to rely on existing resources and policy advantages to successfully get rid of the crisis and create a unique path. In addition, the trend of policy guidance is worthy of attention.

Furthermore, companies must lead the industry in development. The success of Apple in the global market is largely due to the grasp of the development of the industry. In the future, Chinese companies must be at the forefront of the world, and the forward-looking control of the development of the industry is indispensable.

Lao Tzu said: "The road has no skills." In the position of senior management of enterprises, we should promote the grasp of the background, the climate, the big trend, the big goal, and cultivate the style of everyone. Chinese enterprises should proceed from the overall situation, establish a truly modern enterprise system with a more introspective and calm attitude, and continue to cultivate internal strength and achieve sustained growth.

From the perspective of management, "avenue without surgery" mainly has the following three aspects:
First of all, companies must be clear about their responsibility. Fulfilling social responsibility should not be regarded as an additional operating cost by the enterprise. On the contrary, fulfilling social responsibility can help to enhance the positive image of the company, promote social stability and prosperity, and generate significant benefits for the sustainable development of the enterprise.
Second, companies must understand the way to management. As a business leader, we should clearly indicate a general direction, but in the process of working towards this goal, we should fully promote and motivate the subjective initiative of employees. This is the essence of the management of “avenue without surgery”.
Moreover, companies must also understand the way of development. If Chinese enterprises want to become the "hundred-year-old shop" of the evergreen industry, they must first set a benchmark for corporate governance, standardize legal operations, and abandon the tricks of opportunistic tricks, based on the long-term development of enterprises.
Today's global financial crisis is bound to bring about a reshuffle of the industry, and Chinese companies have the opportunity to enhance their position in the global industry competition in this reshuffle. This process will certainly be very difficult. It will cost more and more, but it is indeed an opportunity for Chinese companies. Only by strengthening the foundation and adversity, Chinese enterprises can truly develop on the world stage with greater vitality.

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