Quarterly LED & CCFL Backlight Report

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Information on the entire value chain, including technology developments for large-sized TFT LCD Backlight units (BLU), can be found in a single report updated quarterly. The report also includes the latest news on alternative lighting technologies with an updated listing of the panel Makers that are adopting LED backlight technology.

DisplaySearch analysis and commentary provides a single source of BLU data and conclusions about supply/demand, supplier performance and capacity, price trends, cost structure, revenue and market share.

Data Covered
- BLU structures, developments and manufacturing
- BLU producer profiles
- Current and forecast total BLU capacity by vendor and by region
- L/A TFT LCD BLU supply chain, price trends and cost structures

Key Questions Answered
- Which panel makers are adopting LED backlight technology?
- Which supplier has the largest market share?
- How is my company doing against the competition?
- Which supplier has the largest market share?

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