Japan introduces rechargeable battery-powered LED emitters

It is reported that the Japanese AM company engaged in LED lighting and other business will launch an LED light projector in September 2009. The LED light projector is driven by a rechargeable battery for each lighting, mainly used for construction sites and exhibition venues. LumiDas, an LED lighting manufactured by FAWOO Technology of Korea, can be used continuously for about 12 hours while maintaining the same brightness as an 800W mercury lamp. The electricity fee for charging once is about 50 yen. The operating cost can be reduced to about 1/30 compared with the fuel cost (about 1,500 yen) when the fuel generator 800W mercury lamp projector is continuously used for 12 hours. In addition, since exhaust gas and noise from the generator are not generated, it is convenient to use in indoors, tunnels, and night residential areas. The price per unit is 780,000 yen.

Japanese AM company's LED emitter sample

It is understood that this LED emitter is equipped with 3 LED lighting, one of which consumes 52W and the other two consumes 22W. The body has a built-in lead storage battery with a capacity of 120Ah, which can output 12V DC power. Generally use the household AC 100V power supply | voltage regulator to charge the rechargeable battery. In addition, it can be directly powered from an on-board generator such as a truck. The outer dimensions when folding the LED illumination portion are 96 cm wide x 49 cm thick x 107 cm high. The weight is about 90kg. It can also extend the pillars of the LED lighting section or be mounted on other tripods. The emitter and power supply are developed by the Co-located Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and supplied by OEM.

Japan AM strives to sell 500 units in 2009, with sales reaching 300 million yen.
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