Interview with technical paranoia China "Light King" Chai Guosheng

Core Tip: "Light King" Chai Guosheng, he founded Snow Wright is one of the largest energy-saving lamps companies in China, with an annual output of 150 million energy-saving lamps.
He is known as "technical paranoia", his company has 181 domestic and foreign patents, including 32 invention patents, and won the China Patent Excellence Award in 2008.

China's "light king" Chai Guosheng

In the early days of his business, he used to give gifts to encourage his subordinates, but he gradually parted ways with these entrepreneurial partners, even at the hesitation of the fourth largest shareholder, and introduced college students and young cadres.
From relying on Yunnan's fellow villagers to "wark the group" to let his son stay away from the company, he said that he may resign as chairman of the board in the future and only become a shareholder.
Into the office of Chai Guosheng, the author was almost blinded by the antiques of the full house. The celadon vases on the high and low shelves are patchwork, and the "Haina Baichuan" strips on the wall are magnificent. The traces of the two old Taishi chairs are polished everywhere. Just like the owner of this room, after the time is washed and honed, it looks atmospheric. Calm.

The ancient Chinese collector Chai Guosheng's job is to do the lamp, 12 years of state-owned enterprise career and 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, to create one of the best energy-saving lamp company in China. As of January 15, 2010, Chai Guosheng holds 48.66% of the shares of Shell, with a market capitalization of about 1 billion yuan.
1, a bowl of porridge, everyone, 57-year-old Chai Guosheng was born in Yunnan. At the age of 17, Chai Guosheng, who graduated from junior high school, encountered a good opportunity to avoid the pain of going to the countryside and to become a worker in the local light bulb factory. In 1975, Chai Guosheng was recommended to the Department of Optics of Fudan University.
After graduation, Chai Guosheng returned to his hometown and worked in the light bulb factory. In 1990, Chai Guosheng left his state-owned enterprise for 12 years.
After resigning, Chai Guosheng thought twice and chose Guangdong as his own entrepreneurial base.
After arriving in Nanhai, Guangdong Province, Chai Guosheng did not start a business immediately, but entered a lighting factory. After ten months of "latching", Chai Guosheng basically figured out the characteristics of related enterprises.
In 1992, after everything was ready, Chai Guosheng and his friends partnered to set up Huaxing Optoelectronics (the predecessor of Shelley). All the assets are only a few hundred thousand. Chai Guosheng said: "At that time, I wished I would use every money for two."
Personal charm is a very mysterious thing. It is unclear and unclear. It is expressed in Chai Guosheng. At the beginning of the venture, he can use his personal charm to bring old and old colleagues to his subordinates from the stable state-owned enterprises. Work hard to work for an uncertain future. "There were about seven or eight backbones at the time, and later, there were about a dozen people."
"I will tell them that I can't guarantee that everyone will be able to return home in the future, but I can guarantee that as long as there is a bowl of rice, I will make a porridge and drink it for everyone."

2, the funds are tight and pay wages on time, so everyone has become an overtime mad, so that Huaxing Optoelectronics only used for three or four years, it has established a foothold in Guangdong.
Recalling the hard times in the early days of the venture, Chai Guosheng not only felt a lot of emotions: "At the beginning, it was extremely difficult, and to what extent, it was necessary to put the rusty screws in the kerosene and soak them for a few days. I dare not waste a little bit because there is no money." In this extremely tight capital chain, Chai Guosheng still insists on paying wages on time. "I only have one salary arrears, and that was because of the first few wages." Days, our safe was smashed, and the wages put in it were also stolen."
3, the occasional opportunity for Huaxing to stand out from such a hard time for several years, an occasional opportunity for Huaxing to stand out.
In 1997, Chai Guosheng found him at the Fudan University teacher. The teacher accepted a key project in the country and needed technical experiments to carry out project cooperation. They found a circle in China, including many large enterprises, but Can not find a suitable, and finally found Huaxing Optoelectronics, at this time, Huaxing Optoelectronics has been far ahead of other peers in the energy-saving lamp industry.
Finally, “Hua Xing” and Fudan University have cooperated successfully to study the “Energy Saving Light Failure Mechanism Research”, so that the quality of energy-saving lamps has reached the international advanced level.
After 1998, Huaxing Optoelectronics realized two major innovations in the field of “compact high-efficiency energy-saving lamps”, which enabled Huaxing Optoelectronics to establish its leading position in the field of electric light sources.
4. The first domestic equity incentive lawsuit from September 2007 to August 2009, the first domestic lawsuit triggered by the equity incentives of listed companies caused market attention, which took two years and went from the district court to the Supreme People's Court. The original defendant of the lawsuit was Chai Guosheng, Chairman of Shelley, and Li Zhenghui, former director and deputy general manager.

At the end of 2002 and July 2004, Chai Guosheng twice donated 380,000 shares and 630,000 shares of the company to Li Zhenghui, then the deputy general manager of the company. The two parties also agreed that Li Zhenghui should at least serve the company from accepting shares. If it is over 5 years, if it withdraws halfway, it will take back this part of the equity and recover economic compensation.
However, on August 25, 2007, Li Zhenghui resigned from the company as a director and deputy general manager. Shellett then held the fifteenth meeting of the first board of directors, approved the resignation application, and the lawsuit was triggered.
On August 19 last year, the Supreme People's Court finally concluded the marathon lawsuit: Li Zhenghui compensated Chai Guosheng for the economic loss of 19.928 million yuan (based on the 0.7% stake in Shelley's market on August 28, 2007). A total of 348,300 shares of Shelley will be refunded. Both parties have no objection to the verdict.
5, from the group to the merits of Cui Guosheng said that including Li Zhenghui, he has donated more than 20 employees. The Financial Weekly author found that at the beginning of the listing of Shell Wright in 2006, there were 21 natural person shareholders, and by the third quarter of 2009, many of them had disappeared.
Chai Guosheng told the author: "The minority shareholders who donated the shares at the time are mostly not in the company, because their management ideas and ideas have been unable to keep up with the current development of Shell. The company introduced more when it started its second business. More passionate college students and young cadres."

Chai Guosheng told the author that he hopes that the modern management and operation mechanisms will help him escape the "swamplands" of these equity disputes. He said, "In the past, Yunnan people were huddled together. At that time, there was no way. Because there were few people, small groupism may be more conducive to the development of a small enterprise. But when the enterprise has moved to normal operation, it is necessary to insist on meritocracy. The principle must be to break small groupism."
Chai Guosheng, who abandoned the traditional concept of "subsidiary father", has shown an astonishing degree in the issue of the familyization of traditional Chinese private enterprises.
"Snow Wright is my business. My son doesn't like to do this. I don't have to force him. He has his own career in Beijing. I won't interfere with him." Chai Guosheng said faintly. "In the future, I may resign as the chairman of the board and only be a shareholder. Now the professional manager team is very professional in managing the company. I am very relieved."

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