Jiangsu floats stunning Tiananmen "spherical display" in the world

   In the mass parade of the 60th anniversary of the National Day, the float parade is one of the highlights. Among them, dozens of floats from all over the country in the "Splendid China" square array of wonderful appearances, even more eye-catching.

Yunjin, Wuting Bridge, Tiger Hill Tower, Sutong Bridge... Among the many floats, the 10th car with both traditional and modern flavors is Jiangsu’s “good luck” car. This elaborate float represents the heartfelt blessings of the people of Jiangsu to the motherland, and the huge spherical display is a feast for the eyes.

"Ruyi" carries the good wishes of Jiangsu people

The floats in Jiangsu are called “good luck” and represent the blessings of the 76 million Jiangsu people to the motherland. The "good luck" float is up to 15 meters long and consists mainly of two parts. The main body is red, decorated with bright yellow, surrounded by national intangible cultural heritage - Nanjing Yunjin pattern, representing joy and glory. The ends are green, symbolizing ecology and vitality. The side view of the car body, shaped like the "Su" Chinese pinyin "S", is like a galloping wave. On both sides of the car, 12 jasmine fairy dances, as if impressing the waters, highlighting the oriental charm and Jiangsu characteristics. The combination of the two groups before and after the connection is a Sujiang Bridge, a Yangtze River Bridge that creates four "world's best" records. It means that Jiangsu's tradition and modernity are in the same vein, and history and the future complement each other. Feng Jinwen, one of the leaders of the Jiangsu float group, told the reporter that the Jiangsu float was originally intended to condense the joy and blessings of the 76 million Jiangsu people, so it was the most familiar ritual of the Chinese as the main body of the float. .

Spherical LED display, the world's first

The floats participating in the parade are almost all equipped with large LED displays, but the highlight of Jiangsu floats is precisely the ball that rises high and displays high-quality and beautiful pictures in full screen. The audience will be pleasantly surprised to find that the original LED display can also be made round. Designer Liu Huicheng told reporters that this giant display has invested nearly 3 million yuan in research and development, with a diameter of 2.5 meters. It is a full-color, high-definition, veneer-type three-in-one spherical LED display, which has injected a new modernity into Jiangsu floats. The technology element makes it the leader of the new generation of LED shaped display.

At present, this LED spherical display is the first in China and the world.

Multiple "electronic eyes" act as rearview mirrors

“Jiangsu floats will pass through the Tiananmen review area and will maintain a certain distance from the square. The front distance is 4 meters, the rear distance is 3 meters, the distance between the two sides of the car is 2 meters, the speed is 4.2 km/hour, and the passing time is 1 minute. 45 seconds... the speed error is within 2 seconds."

How can we ensure such a precise speed? The Jiangsu float is equipped with a captain and two drivers. In addition, there are power generation equipment, hydraulic lifting equipment, monitoring and communication equipment, and UPS power. The captain is responsible for accepting the instructions of the parade command, directing the vehicle to travel and handling the emergency situation; the deputy chief is responsible for the float display, the operation of the personnel performance and technical support; the driver is responsible for driving, and the assistant driver is responsible for navigation.

Unlike ordinary cars, there are no rearview mirrors installed on Jiangsu floats. They rely on “electronic eyes”, which are distributed on the front and rear of the floats and the cameras on both sides. The images around the vehicles are fed back to the display in the cab. When the driver drives the car, the co-pilot will help to “navigate” and observe the environment and road conditions around the float through the screen to give the driver a job.

Two self-tests before the parade

The beautiful "color car array" slowly moved away in Chang'an Street, through the Tiananmen Square, Jiangsu floats stirred up a cheer. "It's amazing!" Some of the ceremonial guests around the Express reporter praised. Then, on October 1st, where did the Jiangsu floats start and how did they come to the National Day ceremony? During the National Day, where will the Jiangsu floats be displayed? In this regard, the Express reporter interviewed Feng Jinwen, one of the leaders of Jiangsu floats.

At 2:00 am on October 1, all the personnel of the Jiangsu float working group entered the scene and conducted a self-check on the float. Feng Jinwen said that since September 15th, Jiangsu floats have entered the “Floating Car Village” of the Beijing Workers Stadium, so the departure place for the parade yesterday was also here. 2 points is the first self-test before departure, mainly involving eight aspects, including float chassis, power supply, lighting system, mechanical hydraulic system, monitoring system, and the most critical LED screen system.

At 5:30, the float rides from the work to the gathering place; at 7:30, it arrives at the gathering place in the Jianguomen. Here, the floater performs the second self-test before the parade, involving all matters, and the actor performs the last simulated performance; at 10:30, all the equipment of the float starts to start; at 10:35, it is synthesized with the masses of the parade; At 12:08, Jiangsu floats began to pass through Tiananmen Square; at 12:25, Jiangsu floats arrived at the evacuation point of downtown.

After completing the National Day Parade, where will the Jiangsu floats be? Feng Jinwen told reporters that from today until the 21st of the 7th, the parade floats of the National Day ceremony will be concentrated in Tiananmen Square for display. According to reports, the Jiangsu floats displayed in the square will mainly add some lighting facilities.

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