Google uses machine learning to help you read comics

How to combine comics with comics? There are many people who use comics to watch comics, but the experience is not good. When the screen is too small, you must always zoom to see the contents of the dialogue. If you enlarge the dialog, you cannot see the whole picture. Is there any way to just enlarge the dialog?

Google recently added a new feature to the Play Books book app, Bubble Zoom, which uses machine learning technology to recognize dialogs and click to zoom in. This will allow you to see the dialogue without losing the picture. This feature is particularly suitable for large and beautiful.

Play Books, currently with a zoom function, is still in the preview stage. Interested fans can try it out. Currently Marvel and DC's English comics are supported .

Google does not mention much about technical details, but it is essentially the same technology used to identify objects in images. Google also said that the machine will learn more comic style, "The goal is to make the zoom function applies to all comics."

Meiman is generally full-color, dialog box and background are significantly different, and the machine may be simpler to train. The days are mainly black and white, with little difference between the dialogue and the background.