Ming Wei launched PLC series LED power supply

In order to meet the needs of the emerging application field of LED lighting / decorative lighting, Taiwanese company MeanWELl launched its new PLC-30/60/100 series LED power supply.

The PLC series LED power supply is an improvement on the existing PLN-30/60/100 series. It adopts a new plastic housing design to change the I/O wiring board connection, which can bring more wiring work. flexibility.

Two small hole rubber plugs have been added to the housing of the PLC series. The user can adjust the output current or voltage of the PLC-30/60/100 series without removing the housing.

For the measurement data of the potential watt-hour meter, the output current of the PLC series can be adjusted between 75 and 100 (or between 75 and 103) of the rated value, and the output voltage can be between 85 and 100 of the rated value. (or between 95 and 110) to adjust.

The PLC-30/60/100 series also has limited energy and is UL1310 Class 2 certified. In any case, its output power will be less than 100VA or 5A. This will greatly reduce the risk of technicians installing or servicing LED lighting systems.

Because the PLC series adopts the leading edge zero current switch/zero voltage switch (ZCS/ZVS) technology, its working efficiency can be as high as 89. Therefore, the PLC series only uses natural air cooling to work in -30" 50 °C environment. The product uses a built-in active power factor correction (PFC) architecture and meets EN61000-3-2 for harmonic current ClassC ratings (output load 75 or higher) to meet lighting needs.

In addition, when the output load reaches 75 or higher, the power factor (PF) value will be greater than 0.9. Other features of the PLC series include CC CV mode output power design with short circuit protection, overload protection, over voltage protection and over temperature protection.

The PLC-30/60/100 also has UL, CUL, TUV and CE global safety certifications, including EN61347-2-13, UL1310Class2 and UL879. Typical applications for these new Class2 power supplies include LED strip display and backlighting, LED trim/architectural lighting, LED stage lighting and LED electronic displays.

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