New Japan Wireless released 3 audio ICs to add a beautiful sound quality to the sound

New Japan Wireless has once again provided new solutions to improve the sound quality of audio equipment. Three new audio ICs, electronic volume controller NJU72343, analog switches NJU72750A and NJU72751A have been introduced to enable high-quality audio, low distortion and low noise.


In order to achieve low distortion and low noise, audio equipment is now mainly used as an audio selector consisting of an electronic volume controller and an analog switch. The electronic volume controller NJU72343 and analog switches NJU72750A and NJU72751A are designed to improve the performance of the audio selector and make the sound quality more beautiful. These three products are also a new solution to improve sound quality by using the high-quality, low-distortion, low-noise circuit design technology and semiconductor manufacturing technology that New Japan Wireless has created in audio technology.

In order to improve the sound quality of the sound, it is necessary to change the sound quality of the overall component of the audio selector. The combination of these products enables high-quality, low-distortion and low-noise audio equipment. Not only that, because they can be controlled by the same serial bus, the required input and output signals and channels can be flexibly called according to the needs of different systems.

【main feature】

1. Achieve high sound quality, low distortion, low noise

The NJU72343 is an electronic volume controller that achieves low noise and improved total harmonic distortion to achieve high sound quality. The NJU72750A and NJU72751A are analog switches that use a low ON impedance switch. The low ON impedance switch reduces the noise voltage and total harmonic distortion of the audio equipment for high sound quality.

In the past, the analog switch used on the audio selector has a large ON impedance. In order to prevent an increase in the total harmonic distortion rate, an operational amplifier is often connected to the rear of the analog switch. Both the NJU72750A and NJU72751A have low ON impedance characteristics, which not only eliminates the rear op amp but also achieves low distortion. No longer need to be connected to the op amp, there is no interference from the noise component of the op amp, which is more conducive to achieving high sound quality and low noise.

2. Flexible system scalability

According to different system requirements, in order to flexibly call the required input and output signals and channels, our product range has taken into account the scalability for versatile use. With address selection terminal, you can use up to 2 NJU72343, 4 NJU72750A, 4 NJU72751A, and can be controlled by the same serial bus.

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