The PID code of the "Broadcast Satellite TV" in the C-band of Asia Star 2 (PID code is in the reception of satellite TV

The PID code of the "Broadcast Satellite TV" in the C-band of Asia Star II

Yes 257, 258

The Application of PID Code in Satellite TV Reception

Zhang Weihua

The current digital satellite receivers (DVB) have the function of adding and modifying PID codes. PID codes are divided into graphic PIDs, video PIDs, audio PIDs and PcrPIDs (clock synchronization codes). PID codes have decimal (PID10) and 16 Hexadecimal (PID16, composed of digits 0-9 and A, B, C, D, E, F 6 letters) two kinds, such as the author uses the Heikewei 2000 S digital receiver to watch 105.5 ° E Yawei 3 S when the C-band satellite AIU TV (MATV), signal strength indication click button on the remote control, there will be some relevant information on the screen: program name MATV, local oscillator 5 150 MHz, downlink frequency 4 105.9 MHz, character Code rate 11.230, polarization mode level (H), graphic PID 0000, video PID 1310, audio PID 1320, PcrPID 1310, this machine PID code is decimal .......

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