Beijing Yuyuantan Park Electronic Display Competitive Negotiation

Zhongzhao International Tendering Co., Ltd. was entrusted by Beijing Yuyuantan Park Management Office to purchase the electronic display of the unit. Now it is accepted by qualified suppliers. After prequalification, the purchaser randomly selects three prequalifications. The suppliers participate in the negotiation of procurement.

Project Name: Beijing Yuyuantan Park Management Office Electronic Display Government Procurement Project

Item Number: TC09AC34

Purchasing content: mobile electronic display

Negotiator qualification requirements:

1. Registered in the territory of the People's Republic of China and has legal personality;

2. If the agent should provide the equipment manufacturer project authorization letter;

3. There should be a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law;

4. Participating in government procurement activities within the first three years, there is no illegal business record;

5. It is subject to relevant Chinese laws and regulations;

6. The products provided must be mature products that have been tested by certain markets. The comprehensive performance and maturity of the products must be officially put into use for no less than 6 months. There are 1-3 successful cases and contract copying is required. It can prove the application and effective application time in large cities and important places in China;

Submit qualification documents:

1. Legal person business license (copy) (copy is stamped with official seal);

2. Tax registration certificate (copy is stamped with official seal);

3. The legal representative's authorization (copy is stamped with official seal);

4. The credit certificate of the bidder: the financial audit report issued by the accounting firm or the credit certificate issued by the bank (the bank deposit certificate is invalid) (the photocopy is stamped with the official seal);

5. Pay social security funds and tax records (copy is stamped with official seal);

6. If the applicant is not a manufacturer, a project authorization letter issued by the manufacturer (with a copy of the official seal) must be provided;

7, 1-3 successful case contracts. (The photocopy is stamped with the official seal).

Application for registration of documents:

1. The supplier shall submit the application documents in accordance with the above qualifications and qualification documents. The application documents shall be copied by A4 paper, stamped with the official seal of the unit, bound into a book, and submitted to Zhongzhao International Tendering Co., Ltd.

2. The registration materials submitted by the supplier shall be sealed and stamped with the official seal at the package, and the item number shall be indicated on the envelope and the words shall not be unsealed before the day of the month.

3. When the application materials are served, the person to be presented must present the original or photocopy of the legal representative's authorization, or the original or photocopy of the resident's ID card.

Time for submitting registration materials: August 10, 2009 to August 13, 2009

9:00-11:30 am; 13:30-17:00 pm (Beijing time, except legal holidays)

Deadline for submitting prequalification documents: August 13, 2009, 17:00 (Beijing time)

Project contact: Xie Rong, Gao Ren

Contact number/62108181


Address of the registration information: Room 506, Zhongzhao International Tendering Co., Ltd. (No. 9 Building, No. 14 School, Zaojun Temple, Haidian District, Beijing)

Postal code: 100081

Zhongzhao International Tendering Co.

August 10, 2009

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