Three LED technologies who are the future masters

Three LED technologies who are the future masters

From the point of view of process design, the white LED direct structure is the easiest alternative to the traditional LCD backlight application. Its technical difficulty and the need to modify the product design are the most correct. Therefore, this LED light source application mode has become the most popular. Welcome to one of the LED TV application modes. The direct-lit RGB-LED technology does not require major innovations in the original design of the LCD TV, but the backlight module itself has a complicated structure: the lighting structure, the control structure, and the power supply part are more complicated, so this application mode is adopted. There are very few products. The difficulty of the side-mounted white LED technology is mainly the single-lamp luminous intensity - this has been broken - and the integrated design capability of the whole machine. Since the purpose of the side structure is mainly to design a slimmer TV set, the original host power supply, circuit, screen power supply and heat dissipation of the LCD TV need to be improved.

It can be seen that the main design difficulty of the direct-lit RGB-LED is the backlight module itself, but the design difficulty of the side-side LED light source is how to systematically exert the ultra-thin characteristics of the "side structure". The application of the side-mounted LED light source structure seems to be mainly for the icing on the cake.

The application of LED light source will bring revolutionary changes to LCD TVs. No matter which type of technology will mean the formation of more beautiful, thinner and more energy-saving market advantages, the three technical solutions will Increase product cost at the expense of. However, in the above major changes, the impact of the three major LED technologies is significantly different.

Among them, the direct-lit RGB-LED light source technology is absolutely the first in the comprehensive display advantage, but the price cost is also the highest. The highest cost is doomed to the fact that this solution does not have market penetration. But in some professional product applications, the technology is still eager to attract users through high performance. The competition for the three LED light source solutions is actually only happening in direct white and side white light.

At present, the side-side white light often has a multi-faceted cost increase due to the need to consider the thinness and thinness of the whole machine. Therefore, the short-term overall machine cost is higher than that of the backlight module, which is more complicated than the direct-type white LED. . On the other hand, the advantages of the direct-lit white LED technology in picture control are obvious, which will lead to the superior image display capability of this technology product to the side white LED technology. However, the real problem is that the advantages of the two will not be significantly stronger than the opponents, and even the specific products will have the advantage of disadvantages. This has appeared the king of LCD Samsung is keen on the side-side white LED technology, the father of LCD is keen on the weird scene of direct-lit white LED technology. At the same time, an undeniable reason for manufacturers supporting direct-lit white LED technology is that the technology requires less overall system design and integration capabilities.

According to the analysis, the annual price drop of white LED light source is at least 20%. In white LED LCD TVs, the cost of the light source exceeds one third of the whole machine. This will inevitably lead to huge price reduction space and the willingness of market popularization in the future. At that time, perhaps the cost is no longer the biggest difficulty for consumers to buy LED TV. The problem that consumers need to choose will become the function of local light source adjustment in direct-lit large white LED and side-light white LED. The contradiction of making choices on the fuselage.

Which of the two is most attractive? Perhaps the development of the notebook display screen can be like consumers revealing the core trend of foreign LED color TV. At present, most LED notebook computers use side-mounted LED light source structure, the core advantage is that it is easier to achieve ultra-thin design, and the cost is much lower than the three primary color LED light source.

According to the analysis, consumers may care more about the thin and light features, because this is an obvious improvement in product quality, and is not very interested in the top "effects" that require high costs. Popular consumer products consumers purchase products with a large proportion of sensibility and the impact of the first printing effect on the final decision, it is likely to make "side-side white LED" liquid crystal technology become the real darling of the market * - the essence of LED TV Not high performance, but ultra-thin!

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