Benbang International Lighting: 300% across 2006 (Figure)

In 2006, everything that the state did was only playing the foundation. Although we achieved a sales target of 300% more than in 2005 60 days ahead of schedule, in the industry's view, our progress is very fast and the movement is quite agile, but For the people of Honbang, it has just begun. In 2007, the state will develop faster, we will achieve a thousand store chain, sales will increase by 300% on the basis of last year, we will be like Liu Xiang hurdles to refresh the world record to refresh the industry record.

- Chen Biguang

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In 2006, Benbang International Lighting lived up to expectations and triumphed all the way. From challenging Philips, passing through to the country's major key projects, and recently winning the bid for nearly 30 million Taiwan Baiyuehui large-scale projects, the industry is in vain! “We have achieved a 300% growth rate, and we have advanced 60 days in advance.”

According to General Chen, in 2006, the state reorganized the four traditional series of products. According to market research and analysis, combined with the potential demand of market consumption, it developed more than 500 new products, expanding the product line of the state and further enhancing it. The competitiveness of our products in the market has adapted to the new trend of market development.

In addition to the adjustment of the product line, the state has also strengthened channel management. Under the channel structure with “city agency” as the main body, we will vigorously promote network terminals such as image stores, shop-in-shops, counters, etc., and intensively work. The state has learned the lesson of the “detours” in the construction of the home appliance industry. In line with the market situation, it adheres to the strategic policy of “self-built channels” and directly penetrates the terminal, “opens up, smoothes and penetrates” to ensure smooth channels.

In the internal management, the state established the Executive Deputy General Office to strengthen internal management and strengthen training and assessment; the Ministry of Engineering was established to improve technical strength and make technology and research and development work more detailed and professional; The second part of marketing, to strengthen the promotion of commercial lighting. At the same time, the state has successfully implemented and applied the ERP software system, which not only improved the overall work efficiency, shortened the delivery time, but also optimized the quality control and quality inspection, logistics distribution and quality and quantity. Synchronization has risen by one step.

In terms of services, the state has persuaded the two legs to walk, on the one hand to strengthen pre-sales, sales and after-sales service; on the other hand, it requires detailed management of channel services, implementation in place, each responsible.

"In fact, running a business, making a brand, and playing the market are all systems engineering. We need to integrate resources, especially a large enterprise with a solid foundation like Benbang. It is necessary to rationally allocate all aspects of resources. Products, channels, management and services are just this. The basic part of the system engineering, then we should be better and solid. It is with the joint efforts of all of us that we have achieved a growth rate of 300%, and 60 days earlier." Overflowing words.

“Innovation is the main tone. Benbang International Lighting has successfully integrated the scale and personalization of 'manufacturing', thus achieving a historic leap.”

In everyone's impression, mobile phone replacement is the most common, and IT products such as computers are no exception. During the expansion of the brand, the product is undoubtedly a pioneer, and it is also a weapon to combat competitors and the source of sales. In terms of products, the state has well integrated the scale and personalization of “manufacturing” and achieved a qualitative leap.

It is understood that although the state's core light source products are about 30% higher than Philips' specifications, the market is still tight. According to Cai Dong, the chief designer of Benbang Group, “the future of the first-line lighting brand must be created by a company with strong manufacturing capabilities and scale”, the state has proposed a professional design for customer needs. And the model, and through the practice of perfecting the product line, achieved a leap-forward development in the industry and won a batch of loyal customers.

“But our brother brand, Huaqiang, is not to be outdone. In 2006, sales increased by 40%.” Mr. Chen’s spirit is flying. “Huaqiang and Benbang have always been well received by the industry. This is understandable. In the popularization. Among the ranks of the brand, so far, no brand has been able to compete with Huaqiang. Where Huaqiang goes, other similar brands have to shun. It can be said that Huaqiang has set an example of a popular brand model. All the Chinese have entered the era of electric lights, and they have truly achieved 'there are Huaqiang with lights.'"

"However, unlike Huaqiang's positioning, the state is taking a high-end brand route. Therefore, the state is not only to meet the demand for 'lights', but also to meet the demand for high-quality lighting products. From this point of view, the state is originally a Innovative, cater to the brand innovation of the times. Therefore, the state and Huaqiang are adapted to the needs of the market and came into being. It is the so-called situation to create a hero."

Mr. Chen told reporters that in fact, in a sense, lighting products are highly differentiated, and the demand for the lighting market is also diversified. Now, the state products have been fully realized in series, involving various fields of lighting fixtures.

“As a result, in the spirit of innovation and differentiation, the state will further improve its product line and eventually establish a benchmark for national brands in the high-end brand products.

“Adhere to the development and rational use of human resources, and focus on the construction and promotion of corporate and brand culture.”

“As of now, we have achieved victory in large and medium-sized cities in Shandong, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shanghai, Hebei, Henan, etc., with outstanding performance in Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Hebei, and the Shandong market has more engineering A big breakthrough has set a good benchmark. All this is the result of hard work and the result of the efforts of the entire state team."

Mr. Chen said that in addition to the good performance of the peripheral "brother dealers", the team building within the state also achieved qualitative improvement in 2006. In terms of human resources, the state has absorbed talents through various channels such as the “Old Town Lighting News” industry media, TV stations, and professional talents to introduce internal talents, and has expanded the talent team and attracted a large number of outstanding elites who recognize the corporate culture of the state.

As the so-called "good birds choose to live in wood", the state is like a towering tree, and has built an excellent platform for talents. In order to improve the professional quality and professional ability of the team, the state has also adopted a combination of internal and external training methods to improve the training of on-the-job and new employees, especially the training of middle and senior managers. To this end, the state has hired a professional consulting company to introduce management training. The number of trainings held throughout the year is about 95 times, including management knowledge, financial knowledge, sales knowledge, technical maintenance, safe operation, quality control and other training content, including human resources. Resource expert Huang Xiangyu, Sun Yat-sen University MBA professor Zi Xuan, Sun Yat-sen University School of Management Professor Shao Chong and other famous teachers. In terms of talent use, the state adheres to the development and rational use of human resources, and focuses on the construction and promotion of corporate culture.

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