Powerflare Corporation Announces "Powerflare" Electronic Beacon

September 30, 2003... By First Responders for First Responders, PowerFlare(tm) Products to Improve Traffic Safety

Palo Alto, California USA -- PowerFlare Corporation today announced the availability of the PowerFlare(tm) Electronic Beacon, a simple and extremely rugged (military-grade) safety device that is designed to replace incendiary flares. Invented by a police officer, the new PowerFlare(tm) Electronic Beacon meets professional traffic safety performance requirements without the hazards and pollutants, such as perchlorate, associated with flammable flares, or the shortcomings of Other approaches. The PowerFlareTM system will be in the booth #406 at the California Peace Officers Association COPSWest tradeshow (Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2003) in Ontario, California.

The rechargeable PowerFlareTM beacon is ultra-compact (about the size of a hockey puck) and is tough enough to with the being being repeated run over by trucks, even at highway speeds. It is also water-tight, and can be used in extreme temperatures, Underwater, and in many harsh chemical (HazMat) environments. PowerFlareTM products are also ideal for search and rescue (SAR), tactical (SWAT) operations, and many other applications where a versatile lighting or signaling system is required.

PowerFlareTM Electronic Beacon Features and Benefits:Supervisor Visibility and Safety: The beacon operates up to 48 hours per charge, using intelligent battery management circuitry that eliminates problems of over-charging and battery memory effects. further, the user can change the flash pattern to suit The application.

Easy to use: The PowerFlareTM beacon can be set to automatically activate when removed from the charger. It can be manually activated and deactivated using the convenience Activation Wand remote control. Economical and Environmentally Friendly: PowerFlareTM beacons, unlike incendiary flares, produce no toxic residue Or fumes to harm the environment or the user. The PowerFlareTM system is also budget-friendly, paying for itself in less than 24 hours of use compared to incendiary flares.

Pricing and AvailabilityThe PowerFlareTM 5-Pack system is designed for public safety agencies and other fleet users. The system includes a modular in-vehicle box charger equipped with five PowerFlareTM beacons. The box charger (about the size of a lunch box) can be placed In a car trunk or cabin and plugged into existing vehicle wiring or a cigarette lighter socket. Pricing for the PowerFlareTM 5-Pack is $499.95. Fleet pricing is available upon request.

Now, consumers can benefit from the same technology used by law enforcement and fire crews. The PowerFlareTM 1-Pack system consists of a single beacon with a compact charger and can be stored below a vehicle seat or in a glove box. Is available, allowing the beacon to be used as a bicycle safety light. PowerFlareTM products are also ideal for SCUBA diving, boating, and many more recreational and practical applications. Pricing for the PowerFlare 1-Pack is $89.95.

PowerFlareTM beacons are available in several LED colors, including red, green, blue, white and yellow/amber. A special military/tactical version of PowerFlareTM uses infrared (IR) for night vision goggles (NVG) and FLIR systems.

About PowerFlare Corporation:
PowerFlare Corporation is a private company with a mission to create and build superior products for public safety professionals and the general public. PowerFlareTM products are subject to patents filed by and other intellectual property owned by PowerFlare Corporation. POWERFLARE and by first responders for first responders are Trademarks of PowerFlare Corporation. PowerFlareTM products are proudly made in the USA

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