Cirrus entry-level 6-track digital-to-analog converter

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Cirrus Logic has introduced the CS4361 digital-to-analog converter (DAC). Designed to deliver superior sound quality, the CS4361 is a complete single-chip 6-track DAC solution for multi-track audio systems and surround sound applications such as audio/video receivers, home theater systems, DVD receivers, computer sound cards, and more. In-car applications such as audio interfaces, as well as DSP-based amplifiers and a variety of in-car entertainment systems.

The leading multi-bit Delta Sigma architecture is an important feature of the CS4361's superior sound quality, including a 105 dB dynamic range, regardless of distortion and jitter sensitivity. The CS4361's low-latency digital filtering further guarantees the original sound quality and experience, making it ideal for real-time and live sound. The CS4361 also features automatic sample rate detection and an on-chip level compiler that minimizes the number of external components required and reduces board size, making smaller product designs possible. In addition, Cirrus Logic's Popguard(tm) technology helps eliminate "clicks and pops" from power switches.

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