Conexant launches next-generation A/V decoder

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Conexant Systems Inc. announced today that it will introduce the next generation of audio/video (A/V) decoders for PC TV devices and consumer electronics for digital TVs, set-top boxes, DVD recorders and Windows Media Center Edition Personal computer. CX25845 An integrated A/V decoder with a 3D comb filter that improves the picture quality of industry-standard NTSC and PAL-based broadcast video programs. The product integrates the functionality of a multi-format video decoder, 3D comb filter and global broadcast audio decoder into a cost-effective package. The high level of integration of the decoder with the memory reduces the number of external components required, the overall board area and raw material costs.

Lewis Brewster, vice president and general manager of Conexant's broadband media processing business, said: "Conexant's latest decoders break through the barriers of broadcast audio and video, significantly improving the picture quality of consumer products such as digital TVs and personal computers. Integrating three separate chip functions into one package helps our customers streamline the design process and reduce overall system cost."

The A/V decoder converts analog signals to digital format, providing a solution for displaying analog audio and video content on flat-panel TVs, set-top boxes, personal video recorders, multimedia PCs and other user devices. The 3D comb filter separates the black and white picture information from the color information in the composite video signal. The product uses multi-frame video stored in an integrated memory to determine which image areas should be processed as black and white (brightness) and which should be processed as color (chrominance) information. This will provide users with more beautiful and clear high quality video.

Additional features include integrated Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) to help pin-to-pin compatibility with Conexant's previous generation CX25480/1/2/3 series. This will give manufacturers a flexible, single-chip solution for multiple product lines to ensure an easy transition to new devices.

Samples of the CX25845 are currently available and will be available in volume production in February 2007. The chip is available in an 80-pin bare thin quad flat (ETQFP) lead-free package and is priced at $8 each.

1. The intercom APRS equipment concept
1. the intercom APRS (Auto Position Report System) automatic Position reporting System. Products can be carried the location information is passed to the similar equipment; Equipment will also be able to receive location information from other similar device. System include GSM/WCDMA network module, GPS/beidou (global satellite positioning system (GPS) module, low power wireless data transmission module, high sensitive intercom module, inertial navigation module, the G SENSOR, WIFI module, SIM card, display, battery and charging circuit.
2. Use the intercom APRS target groups of the equipment
Use this product positioning of target groups in the outdoor sports management, field exploration, science and technology, hunting participants, etc. Team partners according to the location of equipment, can know the location of the relationship between each other.
3. The intercom APRS equipment function
Intercom APRS device contains its own position location, peer location acquisition, location, according to the relationship of intercom, distress and search and rescue, sports management, team management, etc.

2 Working mode
For equipment already through the authentication, with the aid of equipment and high precision accuracy of GPS/beidou positioning module, which can realize the position of the multimodal service. Including real-time positioning, history inquiry, activity zoning, fence alarm function, SOS alarm, etc. The location of the relationship between real-time positioning equipment and equipment (distance, azimuth, altitude, etc.). Can also be with high sensitive intercom module, the realization of long-distance high-definition voice intercom.
1 Equipment support GPS, base station, WIFI positioning mode, through GPRS positioning and native background information sent to the server. Or the background from the server to download other existing or the machine information. Equipment adopts independent "active mode", in the absence of mobile network, automatically change the model of FRS, sending and receiving data.
2 .Dial phone: equipment integrates the function of GSM/WCDMA network, need to insert a SIM card to call, SMS, GPRS data transmission function.
3.Intercom function: this product can open by the built-in intercom module, with equipment to realize this function on the same channel.
Receives the transmission frequency can be set up respectively;
Receive to launch the audio can be set up respectively;
100 group of channels can be set up;
Automatic scanning function;
4 .Location information to report
(1) can support the receiving system command reported (system issued instructions/other certified equipment transfer, equipment will be immediately reported location information), timing, abnormal automatically report, information report, etc.
(2) location reporting frequency: high frequency is not more than 3 minutes at a time, the lowest frequency of not less than 1 hour at a time. Report the frequency can be set according to demand and intelligent adjustment.
LBS mode (3) base station positioning accuracy is less than 500 meters, WIFI and GPS positioning mode positioning accuracy is less than 30 meters, positioning model can intelligent setting and help save electricity.
5 .Own position location acquisition according to the relationship with your partner
In GPS signal receiving good places, such as the open fields, open water, APRS device based on GPS satellite signal to obtain their own position. This way of positioning is called device standard positioning model. In against GPS reception (e.g., thick forest, valley), equipment location dependent on inertial positioning for itself. This way of positioning is called device inertial positioning model. Inertial positioning model has certain accumulated error, after 1 hour should be looking for GPS signal receiving good occasions for GPS calibration. According to beforehand setting, digital wireless module within the device will regularly send out its own location information, also can receive similar equipment around the location information.
6.Electronic fence
According to the received coordinates, the device will automatically calculate the distance between themselves and other equipment, bearing, in the distance exceeds preset value, the device will alarm, at the same time transmit alarm device will also own enclosures. This situation is called fence alarm. Accordingly with fence alarm, device receives the partner fence alarm signal, or equipment calculate itself to have partners beyond the fence, the equipment will be in a different mode prompt alerts.
7 .For help/search and rescue
Equipment users in case of dangerous situation, you can open the product's call function, when the equipment will be the most power in reserve emergency channel timing signal with location information for help. In order to save electricity, will call information at the right time interval in the form of appropriate. Equipment, for example, when received from rescuers search and rescue information automatic response. Device can indicate searchers distance, azimuth information, height, etc. G - SENSOR in the discriminant to state, such as tumbling information can be automatically issued a call for help. When device after receiving the distress signal, there will be special someone prompts users in distress. While positional information of the device will receive HuJiuZhe relaying, to give the other equipment can obtain HuJiuZhe signal. Equipment also can turn for help to learn information sent, to alert HuJiuZhe already someone get for help information. If received rescue distress signal receiver into the state, device will be send to HuJiuZhe own position.
8.Campaign management
Device according to its own position information and the G SENSOR SENSOR, can provide to the consumer movement distance, consumption quantity of heat, movement speed, etc. This information can be displayed directly on the phone. Users can also through the machine according to the current position and partners.
9 .Team management
Device can display the location of the team personnel information, physical strength, security, and so on. According to the demand, this information can be through long-distance communication devices (such as mobile phone network, high-power radio) sent to the server, in order to further management
3. The equipment features
Host: including the shell of magnetic suction, PTT button, charging power supply, the SIM card slot, display LCD parts, silicone keys, antenna, etc
Internal components: contain PCB, electronic components and various types of sensors, batteries, GPS module, intercom module, GSM/WCDMA module, GPS antenna, 2 g / 3 g mobile network antenna.
Accessories, including: clamp, charger, special charging USB data line.
A.Standard: power consumption standby power for microwatt magnitude, networking mode power consumption of 5 ma, intercom and data launch condition: 560 ma, launch, receive 65 ma,
B.Battery configuration: rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, the capacity is 3600 mah
C.Package features: adopts PC/ABS engineering plastics, and difficult to aging, wear and tear, durable products; High strength drop and vibration resistance. Buttons using silica gel, wear resistance, not easy ageing, feel is good; Shell hand parts with zinc alloy, easy molding and subsequent processing, etc. Level of waterproof IP67. Applied for 30 kg
D.Environmental features: working temperature - 30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, humidity is < 95%
Size: 125 * 21 38 mm, antenna is 132 mm long
Part six appearance
(1) equipment using harmless to human body material, to ensure the safety of the human body.
(2) the products have waterproof function, satisfies the requirement of waterproof, dustproof, it broke
7 products battery parts
(1) the equipment adopts waterproof magnetic suction interface charger
(2) the battery weight of 60 g, battery capacity is 3600 mah, built into the product.
(3) the battery can be charge, the charging time not more than 4 hours.
(4) the battery standby time longest not less than 7 days.
Weight: 160 g
9 and reliable work:
Products give full consideration to the lightning protection, waterproof, prevent the industrial environment applications such as impact requirements; Production process in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality standards for more link quality detection.

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