Mitsubishi Electric push panel separate rotating OLED lamps can replace incandescent lamps

Recently, Mitsubishi Electric exhibited a variety of OLED lamps at the Tokyo International Lighting Exhibition in Japan. One of them is called "OLED Lamp", which is an OLED lighting panel equipped with an E26 lamp head like an incandescent light bulb.

In the past, OLED lighting mostly used independent lamps and power supplies, and never considered the use of replacing incandescent bulbs. After the introduction of this luminaire, ordinary households can easily use OLED lighting. The size of the lighting panel is approximately 16 cm square and the thickness is 8 mm. The illuminating panel was purchased by Mitsubishi Electric from other companies. Luminous efficiency and brightness have not been published.

According to Mitsubishi Electric, when the square OLED light-emitting panel is made into a lamp with an E26 lamp head, a special design is also made, that is, the light-emitting panel can be rotated by 90° independently of the lamp cap.

Ordinary bulbs are round and can be used when mounted on a lamp holder. However, when the square organic EL panel is mounted on the lamp holder, the illumination angle of the panel may not be suitable. Therefore, after installation on the lamp holder, the illumination panel can be rotated up to 90°.

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