4 chip companies purchase 800 million yuan of domestic equipment

A few days ago, one of the 16 major science and technology projects identified by China's "Mid-term and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan Outline (2006-2020)" was called "02 Special Project" of "Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Equipment and Complete Technology". "Eleventh Five-Year" results announcement and procurement signing ceremony. Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang, Zhao Fengtong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor of the Beijing Municipal Government Lou Zhongwen, and Deputy Mayor of Shanghai Shen Xiaoming attended the signing ceremony. Four manufacturing companies such as SMIC, Changjiang Electronics and Tongfu Microelectronics signed the ceremony and purchased about 800 million yuan worth of domestic equipment.

According to reports, through independent innovation, the “02 Special Projects” project has developed 35 types of integrated circuit equipment and materials that have gradually entered the stage of assessment and verification of large-scale production lines; 23 kinds of packaging equipment and 8 types of packaging materials have passed the largest IC packaging and testing plant in China— — Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology's large-scale production line verification. During the "11th Five-Year Plan" period, all units of "02 Special Projects" have applied for 4,248 patents, and the total sales of R&D achievements have exceeded 10 billion yuan, driving the related industries to grow by nearly 100 billion yuan.

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