Report: Server Operating System Market Windows is the Largest Money Tree

IDC researchers recently released a report on the global server market share. As in the last quarter of 2009, Windows Server is still the market leader in terms of revenue.

The market share of Windows only rose slightly, reaching 42.1% of the server operating system revenue. Linux also increased in the fourth quarter of 2010 to reach 17%. According to IDC, the share of Unix dropped to 25.6%.

The fastest growing server operating system market is IBM’s z/OS mainframe operating system. A year ago, IDC did not specifically list z/OS’s revenue share, but it reached 11.3 in the last quarter of 2010. %.

The following is a list of IDCs:

Server Operating System Share in the Fourth Quarter of 2010 (Based on Revenue Ratio)

z/OS 11.3

Linux 17.0

Windows 42.1

Unix 25.6

Server Operating System Share in the Fourth Quarter of 2009 (Based on Revenue Ratio)

z/OS (no data)

Linux 14.7

Windows 41.6

Unix 29.9

IDC said that revenue for the fourth quarter of 2010 increased by 15.3% from a year ago to $15 billion. Shipments reached 2.1 million units. IDC pointed out that the fourth quarter of 2010 created the highest single-quarter revenue in the server market in the past three years.

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