Texas Instruments' Latest Video Processor Triples HD Video Processing Performance

Texas Instruments (TI) announced today the introduction of its high-performance TMS320DM8168 DaVinci digital media processor and software-compatible, low-power TMS320DM8148 DaVinci digital media processor, further expanding its DaVinci digital media processor platform products camp. Using these two industry-leading video processors, TI will help enable realistic video communications, provide people with a superior communications experience, enhance public safety, enable real-time automotive vision systems to support safer driving, and bring to consumers For the highest quality entertainment experience, all of these things come in handy.

• High-performance DM8168 DaVinci digital media processor provides 3x video stream processing capabilities compared to competitive solutions, supporting up to 3 simultaneous 1080p 60-frame synchronous video streams, 12 720p30 fps synchronous video streams Or multiple lower resolution video stream combinations. This helps customers build video-centric systems while capturing, encoding, decoding, and analyzing multiple video streams on up to three separate displays. In addition, it can help customers achieve product differentiation through advanced analysis capabilities. This product is ideal for multi-channel HD video surveillance systems, video conferencing systems, media hubs and servers, and video broadcast systems.

• The low-power DM8148 DaVinci Digital Media Processor provides high-performance 1080p60 fps single video streaming, three 720p30 fps synchronous video streaming, or multiple lower-resolution video streaming combinations at 3 watts of power. In addition, it offers superior display and analysis capabilities comparable to the DM8168 DaVinci Digital Media Processor, making it ideal for low-power, consumer, and medical video applications that require less video streaming. These applications include SkypeTM video cameras, interactive digital signage, video surveillance DVRs or IP network cameras, streaming media players, and network projectors.

The convenient product migration option between the DM8168 digital media processor and the low-power, software-compatible DM8148 digital media processor helps customers create multiple unique products quickly and easily on the DaVinci digital media platform, enabling them to take full advantage of TI. The EZ Software Development Kit (SDK) acts as a unified software investment to enable reuse and customization of software code. In addition, customers can use TI's same EZ SDK for applications that require port-pin-compatible SitaraTM ARM® MPU or C6-IntegraTM DSP + ARM port migrations without video processing to further unify hardware and software. The advantages of investment.

Niels Anderskouv, TI's vice president of digital signal processing systems, pointed out: “The whole world wants to get high-definition video on all kinds of conceivable devices, and we have been fully prepared to meet this demand. It is the basic way for people to connect virtually.TI is an indispensable and important part of technological innovation and can provide people with a better communication experience.We currently provide real-time video conferencing technology, and will also provide 3D video and gesture technology in the future. ”

Jim McGregor, chief technology strategist at In-Stat, pointed out: "The realistic high-quality video experience is advancing the revolutionary development of communication technology, enriching the entertainment experience, and making people realize that video is a tool to increase work efficiency. TI Video The development of technology will enable applications that we can imagine in all future devices, such as 3D, augmented reality, and engaging games, etc. Since video processing has now become an important difference in system-on-chip and discrete solutions Elements, so TI is actively developing its own proprietary video technology, which will help TI stand out from the various competing solutions."

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